Deep down inside, we're all fangirls of something, amirite?
It shouldn't matter if you're black or white- love is love, amirite?

The tails were so close to making a heart.

Guys: you feel awesome when a girl trusts you to walk her to her car at night because she's afraid of being raped, amirite?
@Blearslyrarer That's pretty much the reason guys do anything for girls.

I've done stuff for girls for other reasons than to get in their pants. Sometimes I do stuff to get into their mouths.

"Three" has a hidden message, amirite?

No, 4 is half of 8. lol.

And "3" is more like 3/4 of "8"

If one of my posts got the Post Of The Day position there would be at least a couple people who would be pissed off. Amirite?

I think this should be post of the day.

Taylor Swift seems too angelic and pure to have had sex but when you look at the men she's dated (John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal), she probably has, amirite?
@Montana If I were a man, I would never date her. They way she depicts her exes in her songs makes her untouchable.

I would just treat her how she wants to be treated and she would sing good things about me.

Alien Vs. Predator was going to be Aliens AND Predators AND Ninjas Vs. Chuck Norris, but nobody wanted to pay $9.00 to see a 14 second movie, amirite?

And that's 14 seconds with the credits!

Your first kiss wasn't how you wanted it to be. Amirite?

I am an 18 year old Gentleman and I have yet to experience my first kiss, but I feel confident that it will be enjoyable for all parties involved.

wolves are pretty badass, amirite?

When you read a post and you can tell who it's by without looking at the author.

Keith is the worst name a guy can have, amirite?
You've watched a Japanese game show at least once in your life, amirite?


When you were younger, you thought sleeping together was just sleeping on the same bed, amirite?

I slept with soooo many girls when I was a kid!

A bored face, tired face, indifferent face, and sad face all look pretty similar, amirite?

The benefit though is that when youre sad, you can tell people that youre tired or bored and they believe you.

There is no cool way to order at subway. amirite?

I just walk in and the people there recognize me and know that I get the same thing every time and they start making that. That is the cool way. I don't have to say anything.

You never quite understood how a pager worked, amirite?

Someone dials the number of your pager and the pager then displays their number, which lets you know that they want you to call them. You then make your way to the nearest phone and call them.