About me.

hey guys, I'm 16 and from the U.S.

I love music, my favorites are: kid cudi. eminem. drake. lil wayne. bobby brackins. 3oh!3. Sam adams. The ready set. all time low. forever the sickest kids.

Favorite tv shows: the office. greys anatomy. south park. family guy. tosh.0. skins. the soup. pretty much anything on MTV

Movies? the happening. step brothers. disturbia. role models. orphan. the town. all the saw movies. law abiding citizen. and a ton more that I can't think of right now.

I'm a straght A student but you probably wouldn't think it because I have a lot of dumb blonde moments.

I once heard that people spend a year of their life looking for something they lost but think it's more like ten years for me, damn cellphone.

I speak fluent sarcasim and I hate people who cant take a joke.

Even tho I'm a girl I still play call of duty and I'm actually pretty good :) if you have a gamertag lemme know