Girls: You masturbate, amirite?

I don't get why most girls try to hide it.
I mean, we have sexual desires too....

"What if the cure for cancer is trapped in the mind of someone who can't afford an education?" "Yeah, well, what if it's trapped in the would-be mind of an aborted fetus", amirite?

In both scenarios, the cure for cancer is not trapped. It is non-existent.

Peace on Earth is achievable, amirite?

Maybe after all of us are dead

In the previews for Tangled, they made it look as if Rapunzel could control her hair like it was a superpower, amirite?

Hair bender?

It seems like English is the only language you can do other accents in, amirite?

Monolingual fail

You are upstairs when suddenly, your mom calls you from the kitchen. As you run down the stairs you hear your mother shout from her room upstairs "Don't go in the kitchen! I heard it too!" You're now essentially trapped. This scenario is extremely troubling the more you think about it, amirite?

This is getting creepier by the second. Fuck.

I am English, not British. QUIT CALLING ME BRITISH! amirite?
@I AM both, but I don't wan't to be CALLED both. It's wierd. To me it's like saying you're from The Earth, instead...

If you encountered aliens, you would say you are from Earth. If you met foreigners, you would say you are from the US. If you meet someone from a different state, you would say you are from your state. Your introduction of where you from and the way people address your location of origin has to be put in perspective. Therefore, people who are from outside the Great Britain will call everyone from inside it as British. And aliens will address them as Earthlings.

T9 can be so ducking annoying. amirite?

it is kinda east though...

50 Japanese nuclear engineers are staying behind at the Fukushima Power Plant to try and prevent a nuclear meltdown. They are getting the same amount of radiation per hour that a nuclear engineer receives in his/her ENTIRE career. These people are true heroes. amirite?
@FlyingGuineaPig I feel like I should be crying or offering a prayer or counting my blessings or something, but I don't know what to...

I know what you mean. Times likr this show how truly powerless we are when the best we can do is donate money.


The living twin usually slowly bleeds into the dead one and dies of loss of blood.

You would rather date a big-nosed skinny bitch than a really fat bitch. amirite?

maybe you should just start dating a human

When you were little you saw faces in everything. Houses, cars, hell even things like cabinets, amirite?

I still do

Men and women are not supposed to be treated equally; they're two different species that are capable of completely different things each must have his own standards, expectations, duties and rights, amirite?

Different species?! We are not even different breeds. Go look up the definition of species.
And yes, we are different. But with all these religious dimwits claiming that we are special and above nature, we should be able to overcome and overlook these differences.
I brought up religion because fixed gender roles where females were to tolerate subjugation only arose after the developement of religions. In pre-historic proto civilizations, the gender roles were much more flexible and one of the sexes was not able to impose authority over the other.

Hey Hindus, if reincarnation is true, how are there more people being born? Christians - 1 Hinduism - 0, amirite?

At least they don't try to shove their beliefs down other people's throats.

I wasn't sleeping on my textbook. I was learning by diffusion. amirite?

How l wish that all that knowledge didn't diffuse back out. :(