About me.


So I heard about this website from my older sister. :) I come on here when I'm bored.

There's nothing much about me. I'll give you some random facts:


Sewing, soccer, swimming, singing, dancing, writing, reading, walking/running

About the hobbies:

~Sewing: I started sewing when I was 11. I usually use it to make things for my friends, my family, the house (blankets, etc.), repair, and just be creative and make things. My very first big project was a big pillow case.

~Soccer: I started to play soccer when I was 9. I usually play defender or mid-field. :) People have given me all sorts of nicknames. The most-used are "Lightning" and "Strong-Legs (haha - cheese.)". Lighning is because I run really fast and Strong-Legs is well.., because I have strong legs and kick really hard. I enjoy soccer a lot.

~Swimming ~ I started to swim completivily when I was 11. My favorite strokes are freestyle and backstroke and my least-favorite is butterfly (of course! Ha!).

~Singing: I've been singing ever since I was a little girl. I don't have the best voice but it IS alright (not terrible!) I just do it for fun.

~Dancing: I'm not good at making cheorography but if it's already made up then I can do it. :)

~Writing: Oh man. I've been writing since I was born. My most popular series when I was younger (about 6) was called "Sarah." It was in this notebook that my mom gave me and it's about this little girl named Sarah who has a big brother, Jake. It's just a whole bunch of little stories. For example: today Sarah and Jake are very excited because today is one of their favorite days: TV Day!

~Reading: Goes with spelling. I love to read.

~Walking/running: I've always loved to be a do-er. Sometimes I just can't settle down and do nothing. I love walking and running because I can sort out my thoughts and just... think. I also like them because they help stay in shape and looks nice and to also do better at my sports.

So there are some facts about me.

Message me! :)