I hate to agree to this but it seems this is the case.

I think there is room enough for us to all coexist and make new friends, I plan on it.

When you ask a sexual question here you do it as Anonymous Amirite?

LOL you know me haha , I have tamed down a bit though . SC you need to follow me before I can talk to you in pm I have tried and that's the message I get

It's been awhile since you have been shagged Amirite?

well that's good to know 6 smilie

it's a new world and a new day, just happy to be here the past is the past

sounds like a good time though

When your power goes out, do you use candles or flashlights?

I use a flashlight until I get my generator started, when we lose power it's usually off for a minimum of 6 hrs could be 5-6 days depending on the storm


this freak got called out <iframe width="560" height="315" src="YouTube video thumbnailameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

usually the best policy

Are you better at saving money or spending money?

trouble is what I manage to save the IRS taketh away

seems that way.

You cannot be seen in Public with X-Sodahead users. Most are rude and lack civility. Amirite?

I'm an ex SH I am very civil but will admit there were some bad apples, but also some really cool people

Top notch!