About me.

Hey, the name's Blythe. I know, awkward name, awkward face. And you'd probly be right about that, considering i have bright red hair and freckles where there shouldn't be (like my thigh.) Member of MTBA: Mission to Take Back Amirite. Let's take back this site from douches who copy/paste. Also a memeber of SALSA... I know I'm cool, you don't even have to tell me. h smilie Here's some other crap about me:
1 If you say gingers have no souls, I will find where you live, and your mother will cry. I know how to google you.
2. I'm usually a nonviolent person with violent sayings.
3. I enjoy grapes.
4. I like green day, Nevershoutnever, the Beatles, Train, Matchbox Twenty, MJ, and a lot of other people I can't remeber.
5. i think people like Rebecca Black should go to preschool, and then a AAA meeting
6. When people do random stuff like clap and yell nonsenes words, I usually tend to follow (which has scored me free brownies and $5.92 altogether)
7. I have this thing where i listen to random stuff for 3 hours non-stop. My favorite is What You Know by Two Door Cinema.
8. I'm a cheereader for the place I live at
9. I'm apparently a very gifted writer. MY teacher says that I should be a writer. But I think i'll stick to being an astrounant-doctor-lawyer-thing.
10. I make typos, but you're just gonna have to deal with it, K?
11. I once won a contest for the most freckles AND Reddest hair. Suck on that, 7 year old named Katie that I beat.
12. I'm not afraid to speak the truth, een though it gets bad consequences such as: Getting beat up (CHECK), called "Immature" and " Stupid" (UBER CHECK), and getting quarters thown at you while walking down the street(DOUBLE CHECK.)
13. Some of the ways people have thought my name was: Rice, Life, Blith, and Fife.
13. I love Nemo from Finding Nemo, Ariel from the Little Mermaid, but I think Snow White's a whore. Maybe that's because she slept with 7 men, or she can animals on call....?
14. You just realized that there were two 13's.
14. I'm dating someone named _ __.
15. My favorite smiley face is :3
16.You just noticed there was two 14's.