The best inspiration is a strong emotion, amirite?
@GabrielBrown So sometimes making people cry is good?

Ty Pennington makes people cry every episode.
Plus some people deserve to cry.

Fire alarms like to come at the worst possible times, amirite?

I'm always afraid one will go off when I'm in a dressing room or when I'm naked.

You wish there were more drive-in movie theaters still around, amirite?

We have one in our town right now, but it's being replaced by a walmart. :(

Clever fashions are really tempting to buy, amirite?

Those shoes are so cute.

If you could have any laptop, for free, right now, you'd get a macbook pro or a macbook air, amirite?

Then I would sell it and buy new shoes.

If you had to pick between being super gorgeous or having a super gorgeous boyfriend/girlfriend, you'd choose the first; amirite?
Girls: The school office should provide emergency makeup, amirite?

Emergency bras would be nice though. Twice I've had an under wire pop and once my bra snapped in between the cups and I had to borrow a huge sweatshirt.

I should probably stop buying Victoria's Secret bras...

Blind people can't be racist. amirite?
@YeahIAm You can normally tell someone's race by how they talk/sound.

My dad just said the same thing, but he also added "How they smell."

he was then smacked in the back of the head.

It would be kind of cool to accidently dial a celebrity's number, amirite?

Next time somebody calls and I don't recognize the number I'm going to say , "First celebrity name that pops in my head' residence. How can I help you?" when I answer.

Even though I live in Minnesota and nobody lives here.

If there was a construction fetish porn film, it could be called "screwing and screwing". amirite?
Celebrities aren't "style icons." It's easy to look good when you're rich, amirite?
@kipkayify Most celebrities, in my eyes, don't look that great fashion-wise. Nothing they wear ever stuns me.

I was looking at designer clothes today and I was thinking, "Were you drunk when you made this?"

"Enter to win for a chance to train like an Olympic hopeful" sounds more like a punishment than a prize, amirite?

Yeah. Ugh. I hate vitamins B3, B6 and B12. Like who the hell do they think they are? Bingo numbers? Seriously.

It's not fair to scoff at someone for having a "charmed" life. We can't help where we were born, but we can choose how we respond to the world around us. Besides, doesn't everybody wish they were born and raised in a happy, wholesome environment? amirite?

I'm actually glad I didn't have a charmed life.
I'm glad I got the chance to struggle and grow and not everything was handed to me. I'm glad I had to work to be where I am and I learned my values on my own rather than having them taught to me.

I'd feel bad for their husband when they get their period.
Also, how would marriage work? Would two husbands live in the same house? I'd get so sick of my twin. Who would the kids call "mom"? Would they both be Mom?

When I wrote that, I had in mind a set of conjoined twins from Minnesota. Image in content

You kind of have to wonder what Morticians are thinking as they're picking careers. "What do I want to be? I'm not a good enough doctor for live people...Maybe dead people? Yeah! I can't screw that up! A mortician!" Amirite?

Doug from Scrubs.