History is written by the vicar. amirite?

tf is a vicar

Puking after drinking alcohol makes a body healthier as the body doesn't have to filter out the harmful residue, amirite?

That's literally why you puke after drinking too much. It's the body trying to reject poison.

History is written by the vicar. amirite?
A piano is one of the hardest instruments to pick up. Think about it. amirite?

That's why many have wheels

The characters from The Incredibles mostly have the same powers as characters from The Fantastic Four, amirite?

You may be shocked to realise that Incredible is a synonym for Fantastic.

Mr. Fantastic, Mr. Incredible.

For depressed people, walking around with a mouth covering is a nice way to not have to worry about forcing smiles when you really don't want to. amirite?

or if you have anxiety, maybe not for everyone but for me, covering my face helps with my anxiety for some reason.

Oce os jost frorzon wortor, amirite?

Not only are you dumb, you're also stupid

The Death Star's pantry must have been MASSIVE. amirite?
The Death Star's pantry must have been MASSIVE. amirite?
@Mariahmcmuffin they had a canteen jeff vader went to it on the regular

The pantry would be in the kitchens which then supply the canteen, you scruffy need herder.

Don't chew with your mouthful is especially good advice when giving a blowjob, amirite?

This infuriated me

There is a person we know that will never date anyone in their whole life, amirite?

Well of course I know him, he's me

All pet rocks started off as strays. amirite?


From a toddler's perspective, dogs are the size of horses, and horses are the size of elephants. amirite?

So what are elephants the size of

More people know how boys pee than how girls pee, amirite?
Pi is the only irrational number people seem to know. amirite?