The grass can't be greener on the other side. If your on one side, and you go on the other side, the side you were previously on is the other side, thus making both sides the same. Unless we are talking about grass that was faded due to too much sun, or a shadow being on the other side, making it a dark green, amirite?

I wouldn't be so sure; my neighbor's grass is definitely greener.

Ariel is the worst Disney princess, amirite?
@Shugah Me too. She does nothing for herself. There would be absolutely no story if she just minded her father. And then...

And that's why I like Princess Jasmine the most. She actually stood up for herself and didn't just marry whoever was thrown her way.

Money buys temporary happiness. Amirite?
@I_love_the_one_true_God Only God can bring true happiness

It seems a little unhealthy to rely on someone else for happiness.

Ariel is the worst Disney princess, amirite?
@Shugah So who do you think is the worst disney princess?

Sleeping Beauty. I can't remember her actual name. Much too reliant on the prince.

1. Drink a bit of each flavor.
2. Sweat rainbows.

Girls: to a sertain level of maturity, when u tell one of your freinds about how a girl stabbed u in the back/talked about u behind your back/or is just plain mean to u, u expect them to not turn around and be freinds with that very girl. amirite?

Honey, using shitty grammar isn't cool. I just thought I'd let you know.


Well, this IS the Internet... Just sayin'.

If you think about it, what Hitler did was actually did was good. I mean there would be much more overpopulation if he didn't kill six million people, so we should actually be GRATEFUL for the holocaust. amirite?

With that logic, every war, natural disaster and terrorist attack is something to be grateful of, since it's fighting overpopulation.

Sure, Justin Bieber fans are annoying, but they're nowhere near as bad as the people who won't shut up about how much they hate Justin Bieber, amirite?

It has? I honestly had no idea. Sorry. I'll go cry in my corner now.

Girls: You hate it when you see ne of your guy friends being used by another girl, but won't listen to you when you try to tell them, Amirite?

Mm, this is cliché.

The song "The Portrait" from Titanic is absolutely beautiful, amirite?
It must be weird celebrating Christmas south of the equator, because it would be summer and pretty hot, which is the opposite of how it is north of the equator, amirite?

It's not weird for us, since it's been like that all our lives.