If you knew you were dying in 60 seconds, what would your last words be?

i don't like to speak while masturbating

If you were offered the power to be a different person of your choice every week for the rest of your life, you would take it, amirite?

It is human nature, that we drop the value of something we want, when we get it. This is something we do to invoke progress, to move on. Yeah, i wanna be Tom cruise, or whatever, but once i get to be someone i want to, it'll not take me more than a month to say to myself, "it's not that great"

How should human beings best live their lives?

Nature says, be selfish, and benefit yourself with every move of yours

Don't you think if God can do anything he should just stick his head out of the sky?
@DanTheMan The Bible is 73 different books, with almost as many authors, written between approx. 3500 BC and 80 AD. You're...

Hey, i'm just saying that everything written in a book doesn't have to be true. Some of it might be, other might not.

The World would be a better place with one government.

no, one govt would be a huge risk, of all the power in the world concentrating into the hands of just one set of people. Having several govt is a much better option.\

Are children ready to make decisions like adults?

It's not really a question of age. Everyone's mind matures at a different pace. Some may get adult mentally even at 14, others may never be. But, age sure is a factor, not a major one, in most cases. So it really depends on the child. And note this, even a parent might be too immature to judge the child.

absolute mental authority allows me to do anything, and everything. btw, absolute of it isn't possible, coz there's no limit

Don't you think if God can do anything he should just stick his head out of the sky?
Don't you think if God can do anything he should just stick his head out of the sky?
@freespeechfreelancer Guess you have not read it closely enough. The book has more wisdom than you will ever attain in your short stay...

so yeah, it was before me. Doesn't mean it was written by god or anything. It might have things of wisdom, doesn't mean everything written in it has to be true. It might as well be someone's imagination, like all the deities.

Are humans better than other forms of life?
@Frank_n_Furter "we are better than them, coz our evolution went really well, compared to any other species discovered." "we have...

so u r still replying...by the way, none of my statements is incorrect. call me illogical or whatever, and remember going to hell, true wishes from my side

What prompted you to become an atheist?

I have always believed that the avatars, or incarnations, such as Shiva, which supposedly possess superpowers, are a result of exaggeration. Each time we tell a story to a friend, we exaggerate. Over 5000 years of this has evolved them from extraordinary human beings to some kind of gods. I believe in god, not deities.

Are humans better than other forms of life?
@Frank_n_Furter What is most important is subjective by species. Objectively, we can't say that we're the most important because...

we can say that we're the most important because intelligence is one of the major factors determining that. ok say we are smaller than most of the species (which we are not), we still can defend ourselves, even attack with guns n missiles n stuff. Plus, we have very strong survival instincts. i mean, when faced with an animal, i would use my mind along with my body to get out of it. soldiers do that.

Is it okay to judge people according to their physical Appearance ?
Do you still have a teddy bear?
@CombatSkill wen you were a kid? you didnt have a stuffed toy?! bullshit!

yeah that was actually my parents, but i never regret not having one.