You want a light up shower head, amirite?

I approve!

You like the fact that Anthony knows most of us Amiriters are lazy and he added a "lazy mode" option, amirite?

Me neither. I'm using the touch site.

It is shocking that the average age of a homeless person in the United States is seven years old, amirite?

damn that family that threw their newborn onto the street.

Even if it's not realistic, it would be nice if your favorite show would never stop making new seasons, amirite?
@silvershadow6 Supernatural forever.

"Bitch, please," responded the bronies.

You remember when games like Spy Fox, Pajama Sam, Freddi Fish, Putt Putt, and Backyard Sports were part of your childhood, amirite?

My only game from here is Freddi Fish. I just remember something stolen and a ten-gallon hat.

Bronies: you watch Friendship is Magic, but that doesn't mean you're homosexual or more feminine than the average person, amirite?

It actually makes us manlier.

Company's just add the .3 on something to make it sound cooler, amirite?

But without it, DJ Pon-3 would be DJ Pon-.

On book covers, the author's name should not be bigger than the title, amirite?

Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Agatha Christie is an amazing author, amirite?

I had to read And Then There Were None for class.

Why must there be a boogeyman?

Because nobody wants to hear about the earwaxman.

It would be cool if you could personalize the Wii game Just Dance; like, send in a list of the songs you want and they choreograph dances for each one and send you the game, amirite?
Muffins are just ugly cupcakes, but they are both good. amirite?

Derpy disagrees and says muffins are better.
Pinkamena disagrees and hands you a cupcake which is definitely not drugged.

"I'm a Little Teapot" doesn't make sense. At the end, the teapot says "Tip me over and pour me out." Are you the teapot or the water? Stop messing with my head, amirite?

least comments on a potd ever.

The whole "keep calm and (insert random phrase here)" thing was okay at first, but now it's being overused and it's just getting annoying, amirite?

Keep Calm and Flutter On.

Bullies in movies and tv shows always have Polish names, amirite?

"Give me your money." "Who are you?" "...Bartek."