Everyone knows that "Single but not looking" is female for " I'm so lonely but I'm too proud to admit it.someone talk to me." If you didn't before, you do now, amirite?

no.. it kind of just means 'i'm single, but sick of relationships and just want to have fun.'

It's annoying how parents assumer you're gay/lesbian if you support gay marriage, amirite?

THANK. YOU. whenever i get into debates with my mum about it she's always like "WHAT?! ARE YOU GAY OR SOMETHING!?" it's like, no? i just want everyone to be free. fuck off.

Nowadays girls have to practically have their whole body shaved just to keep a man pleased, amirite?
@Lanz I can't speak for everyone, but I'm pretty sure there are plenty of guys who don't care about makeup and nails. I...

And please don't misunderstand that I think men are scum. I do not; I have guy friends and I love my father and my brother to pieces. Not to mention some of my favorite celebrities/idols are men. I'm simply addressing the fact that some men tend to expect so much out of a girl, that she actually changes her life for it. Plastic surgery, cosmetics, weightloss.. women tend to do these things in a misguided attempt to attract men, and the sad thing is is that it actually works..

That being said, men are not fully to blame here. It's not only a mixture of pressure from the opposite sex as well as societies standards, but a failure on the part of women as well. Girls shouldn't complain about having to alter themselves if they are going to follow through and do it anyway. "Shaving sucks! I hate that I have to do it" Then don't shave if you don't want to. No one is forcing you to. The only way men will be able to accept the real you is if you do as well.

Okay, I've said my peace. Sorry for the novel y'all.

It's not "soda" it's not "pop" its "Coke", amirite?

..or all of the above?

Girls think they rule the world (and they do, btw) just because they have boobies, amirite?
There is a difference between acting slutty, dressing slutty, and legit being slutty, amirite?
@rowanne How is it we're still even using the word 'slutty'. It's kind of taking a step backwards for women who fought/fight...

@Joe_Larson that's fine if YOU feel that way about sex, but that does not mean everyone else should feel obliged to think the same way. Some feel that sex is less of an emotional thing and more of a physical one- something that we as human beings do instictively. Just because they have different beliefs they should not be told by complete strangers that they're doing something wrong.

Bad dreams are better than good dreams, because after a good dream you're just depressed that it wasn't real, amirite?

Both bad and good dreams can be unpleasant. That's why I like neutral dreams the best- the weird ones featuring people you barley know and fruits with odd functions.

Hungry? Theres an apple for that. amirite?

someone try to steal your things? bust a cap for that.

It's sort of ironic that some celebrities flout societal norms because they have millions of dollars and think they can, yet their millions of dollars only have value because it is a societal norm to accept money, amirite?
@rowanne Wait.. correct me if I'm wrong but are you trying to imply the only reason they accept the money they make is...

I don't think giving money value can be considered a societal norm, though. At least, not one that compares to everyday behavior. Money exists so we can sell/buy goods and services in an efficient way. Even if we didn't have the paper money that we currently do we would still have some sort of item(s) that we'd give higher value to. It's through earning money that we as people can get what we want. I don't think people are just 'following the status quo' when they accept money- it's simple logic. Money helps you get the things you want, so why wouldn't you take it?

It's really annoying when guys tell girls not to complain about the pain of child birth or cramps because getting kicked in the balls hurts more. Guys don't get kicked in the balls every month. In fact, if they're careful, chances are they never will get kicked at all. Amirite?
@Spalliston I don't disagree...but I can't point at a girl and say "I'm gonna make you have your period...now!" whereas if...

If someone really wanted to they could do anything to anyone at any given point in time. I don't care what gender you are, being shot in the face in probably gonna be more painful than cramps, childbirth, and a kick to the balls combined. OP's point was that the latter is much easier to avoid and rarely happens.

If they don't include Snape's story in the Deathly Hallows Part II, you're going to flip shit, amirite?

i'm going to flip shit if they leave out anything, i swear.

The republican billboard ad about Obama supporting gay marriage and abortion is terribly unconvincing, amirite?
@I don't see why it considered wrong to not support gay marriage. Really, both sides have a right to their opinion.

The right to marry. Legalizing gay marriage is not just about a piece of paper but everything that comes with it; the benefits (tax and otherwise), the title, the religious freedom, and perhaps most importantly- a legal documentation of a relationship that is recognized by the state as a legitimate relationship. Many believe that marriage is a more 'legitimate' status than a civil union (probably because it comes with benefits, has a more prominent ceremony, etc), and when a gay couple is given the right to marry, they are put on the same level as everyone else- saying they aren't allowed to marry is basically saying their relationship is somehow less legitimate because it's not 'worthy' of true marital status. And I realize that not everyone against homosexual marriage is a religious freak- my comparison relating to Christianity wasn't trying to focus on the religious aspect, but the personal beliefs in general. Although, I don't like how you said 'supporters for the family unit'.. it makes it seem like you're implying homosexual couples/those who aren't married are incapable of having a good, functioning family.

Americans: you wish people in europe would give you a cance, just cause we are accociated with the lazy fat americans doesnt mean we all are. amirite?

They also think we're all stupid and uneducated...

When girls like a guy, they'll push their boobs together to seem interested, and when someone they don't like looks at their chest, that guy is a pervert. That's like living in a society where guys jerk off at girls they like, but if another girl sees it, she's the pervert. amirite?

Wait.. what?

All diet drinks have a distinct taste you can't describe, amirite?

It's the taste of disappointment.