A soldier only needs to shoot straight, not be straight, amirite?
@Are you saying the situation in Afghanistan is not worth fighting for? They didn't kill Bin Laden because he was an...

I'm not going to pretend I know all the details, or claim to know what's worth fighting for or not. I believe that war should be avoided at all costs, but there are some things that cannot be solved without one. Personally, I believe there are better ways to solve this conflict than war, but I could be wrong. I agree with you in saying that Bin Laden had to be stopped (and killed if necessary).

golf is the quietest sport ever, amirite?

I'd say that goes to snooker.

You wanna kill people that laugh at you when your being serious. amirite?
Sometimes you could just use somebody. amirite?
You have yet to find a controller of any kind that fits comfortably into your hands, amirite?

Gamecube and Xbox 360.

In video games, always go for the boss's tail, amirite?

Unless you're going for its eyes.

It's really annoying how some parent's won't let their kids hang out with kids of the opposite gender. Do they want us to be gay? amirite?

Of course, this will turn into an argument about whether it's right to be gay or not, instead of an argument about overprotective parents, which is the real reason for this post, I'm guessing.

Animals should be protected from extinction. amirite?

Evolution or Gods plan. Either way, if you protect every animal all the time then you're going to screw up some kind of ecosystem and prevent the advance of the species as a whole. I think a better post would be 'Animals should be protected from forced extinction', or 'protected from unnatural extinction'.

you cheap bastards, money was made to be spent, amirite?

In general, yes. However, saving money means that when you die, your children have money to spend. In a perfect world, at least.

The only advantages of being black is that you can say "nigger" with no consequences, amirite?
Lets imagine for a second. A bunch of anime shows, mixed together as one. Pokemon, Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Naruto, and whatever other shows you can think of. It would be the god of all anime shows, amirite?

If you put in all your favourite foods, you don't get the god of all food. You get crap, like this idea.

Mind: "Man, it's hot in here" takes off sweater, opens window Immune system: "Hmm, it's getting chilly.. we better stuff his nose full of mucus, so he can't breathe." Mind: "HOW THE FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO HELP ME?!", amirite?

The nose itself doesn't clog up, just the blood vessels within it. There is a small increase in mucus, but that's made a lot more by the aforementioned vessel expansion.

Snakes can talk. We're all descendants of two clones. Bats are birds. Bushes can talk. Every single species of animal (x2) can fit on a boat. Men can rise from the dead. a man can live inside of a fish for three days, and the red sea can part to leave a giant walkway if a magical skydaddy wills it, amirite?
@Bossman Ignore that last guy and just read the link. The measurements are at the bottom.

You also have to account for the fact that he didn't just bring two of every animal. He also brought 7 of certain kinds (like sheep or something, I can't remember the quote).

Steve Wilkos is a douche, amirite?
@It worked for Hitler..... :/

No it didn't. He started a world war. Great problem solving...

Violence solves everything. If you have a problem that violence can't solve then you're probably not using enough of it. amirite?

I remember a song a friend sent me.

"Malcom solves his problems with a chainsaw, and he never has the same problem twice."