You didn't know that jacuzzi was a brand, you thought it was just another name for a hot tub. amirite?

Just like "kleenex" is just a brand for tissues. Yet I call all tissues "kleenex", and all hot tubs "jacuzzi"s.

It's really inappropriate that a girl in my class stays after school everyday to be with our teacher, they message each other all the time on Facebook, the teacher talks bad about students with her behind their backs, and that he got her a present for no reason. Amirite?

Could be jumping to conclusions though. Maybe they're related in some way, like an uncle or distant cousin or something. It's still very inappropriate for him to badmouth other students to her but best to find out the whole story than to start rumours.

Even though the system of measurement used in the U.S. is a pretty silly and unnecessary, at least there is one upside. Since the metric system is so easy, most American kids learn how to use both. Amirite?

Canadians know both as well. We deal with the metric system in everything but weight and height.

Why do people always hate their parents-in-law? I mean they're only an older version of their spouse, they should love them! amirite?

My future in-laws are great! They've always been kind to me and have said that I'm the best thing to happen to their son.
My parents on the other hand have been somewhat nuts, so my fiance is worried about that. My mom isn't so bad to him, but my dad can be kind of a snob.

Twenty minutes seems to go by so much faster when you're in the shower. amirite?

At the same time, twenty minutes seems to take forever when you're waiting to use the bathroom while that other person is in the shower.

It's kind of suspicious when the people on Say Yes to the Dress have a meeting about something that pertains directly to the appointments of that day, for example, the meeting is about brides having difficult family members on the day when someone comes in with a witch of a mom, amirite?

If you look at the hairstyles of some of the consultants throughout an episode you see that they sometimes change in the run of the "day".. just shows that the clips are from different days and the producers just put them together for that particular theme for the episode

The Bahamas

Reading amirite is my daily routine. I don't always vote or comment on posts, but they do make me laugh, so I keep coming back.

A way to save money on your wedding would be to invite everyone via Facebook. amirite?

It's true it'll save you money... but, there's just something special about receiving "snail mail" nowadays. And the older generation really appreciates it. I recently sent out Save the Date cards for my wedding in June, and my relatives were delighted that I was "doing it the traditional way"

A period leak on your wedding day would suck, amirite?

The pill tends to make things more regular, so it's pretty easy to plan a wedding many months in advance and still plan around that time of the month. Of course, if you're not on the pill, it's a hit or miss situation

It's really annoying that fast food restaurants give you the tiniest little cups of water when you ask for it to drink. Just because I'm not drinking soda with my meal doesn't mean I'm not thirsty. amirite?

The small cups are given for water, because then if someone decides to steal pop instead, they're getting less because they didn't actually pay for it.

It must suck in countries besides the US to order a quarter pounder from McDonalds; asking for a "113.398093 grammer" would get old fast, amirite?

A quarter pounder is still called a quarter pounder in Canada :p

You'd take a good steak over bacon any day, amirite?

Why one over the other? Why not bacon wrapped steak? Best of both worlds.

It's really stupid that my boyfriend refuses to add me on facebook, amirite?

Definitely hiding something

On medical dramas such as Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, nobody ever seems to have a normal pregnancy. Something always goes wrong in one way or another, which is definitely not the case for every pregnancy in real life. amirite?
@Isnt that because its a show about hospitals... and you dont generally go to a hospital when everything is fine and...

For Pre-natal appointments you do. To check on the baby's progress. I guess since it's a drama, they need to throw in something devastating in order to make the show interesting.