About me.

Wear purple and I'll Fucking grape you in the mouth without hesitation. No lie, I will tie you to the radiator and grape you and your whole family because you are asking for it. Good day.
Jk, I still have more.
NY Jets, NY Mets and NY Knicks are simply the best teams in all three major sports
I'm not a huge fan of the new site, but I'll make posts sometimes
the user Bec is a tool
the user Bec is a tool
the user Bec is a tool
I have a troll account. Try to find it, I dare you
Beatles are THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME. You can ask me about others, I guess, but not about specific nineties shit bands
Seeing Foo Fighters with a little white girl who stalks me
Don't wear a C, J all over your B's
Kate (Percy) is white and a hypocrite and has one friend (That's one more than Bec)