When you're in a dream you think that you're in real life, but when you're in real life you know that you're in real life, amirite?

Sometimes I get conscious in my dreams and I realize that I'm actually in a dream. From there on, I can control my dream, even wake up if I want to.

It's easier to eat zero cookies than to eat one cookie, amirite?
@Thenaturelover Same with bowls of cereal. I will eat honey bunches of oats till my jaw pops

Well that was unexpected. That's what I'm eating for breakfast as I read this.

To real witches, the Wicked Witch of the West, The Sanderson Sisters, and other such depictions would come across as hideously offensive minstrel show performances. amirite?
You will probably suffer less severe pain in your lifetime than kings did in ancient times. amirite?

Dunno, don't think any Kings have ever been run over by a truck or a train.

There is no one still alive from 1800s, amirite?

Queen Elizabeth is

The scariest thing to see when camping alone at night isn't a bear, it's a human, amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut That makes the bear less scary but not the human. A gun gives you the advantage over a bear, but not necessarily...

You aren't going to be able to deal mutch damage to a bear with a small pistol, you can discharge a whole magazine and the bear will probably still have the capability to eat you.

The scariest thing to see when camping alone at night isn't a bear, it's a human, amirite?

I don't think you've encountered a grizzley bear before. It's different

Salt is technically sea food. amirite?
When the first manned mission lands on Mars, whatever they do will be a world record. amirite?

That was a big chunk of The Martian.

For all we know, entrance to heaven or hell could rest on the perentage of shopping carts we successfully return to the corral. amirite?
Schrodinger's cat is definitely dead because he put it in that box in 1935. amirite?
Being honest and trusted holds a heavy responsibility because if you did decide to lie people would believe you. amirite?

With great power, comes great responsibility.

A mystery is a mystery but we know it, amirite?
Low skilled jobs are often the most difficult despite being simple because of repetitiveness. amirite?

Laughs in ADHD .

I was born to do simple repetitive tasks while i daydream about something else.

When a woman hits a man, she doesn't hurt him physically; she hurts his ego. amirite?

Rhonda Rousey punches Pee Wee Herman and breaks him in half.