there are certain mental problems you will never understand or have sympathy for, like eating disorders and depression... just get over it, amirite?

I have symphony for them, but I just don't understand it. But by no means, do they need to just "get over it".

there are certain mental problems you will never understand or have sympathy for, like eating disorders and depression... just get over it, amirite?
Being in band doesnt always make you a geek- and Band is much more than just Pep Band. We actually learn a lot of things that are very valuable, and use parts of our brain that other classes don't, therefore making us think more and harder about different types of things, which makes musicians smart, amirite?
It sux when your feet are cold, amirite?

No I really like it when my feet are cold!!
Just kiddin'. ;)

Making jokes about poor people is just mean. But you can make jokes about rich people because they're RICH. They get everything they want and only have to worry about a few jokes comparing their house to Disneyland. Seems like a pretty good deal to me, amirite?

How about we just don't joke around with that stuff( Like money and stuff like that) at all! Hahhhahaha, Just sayyin'!:)

Just because I'm a freshman doesn't mean I'm automatically an annoying little dumbass who thinks he knows everything, amirite?

I know how you feel, but seriously once your an upperclassman your gonna know exactly why people hate you. But the way I think of it was I hated being "bagged" on, so don't do it to the freshman then!

Dogs don't like it when blow in their face but they stick their heads out the car window when you're going 80 miles an hour, amirite?

I just found out last night that if you blow in my dogs face she will try to bite you. This is unfortunate.

It's annoyting when you're in first for Mario Kart, You get hit by the blue shell and then you're in 10th. And this all just so happens to happen on your last lap, amirite?
You don't understand why some atheists celebrate christmas, amirite?

Christmas can be about whatever you wish it to be, the presents, Santa, your religious beliefs, whatever.

They found the ugliest people in the world to be in foreign language textbooks. amirite?

This is hilarius.
Because it's true!!!

If you "feed" someone/thing food, what is it called when you give them a drink? amirite?

Liquify them!

It would be nice if you could appear online/offline for only certain friends on facebook sometimes, amirite?
It pisses you off when you trust somebody to keep your deep secret,and they go and tell another person because they "promised not to tell anyone", amirite?

No this actully makes me very happy.

Tv shows seem to always be set in big, important well, known citys. I mean, no shows are set in Ridgesville, Ohio. They are all set in Seattle or Chigago or some other elebrate place. amirite?

Okay, I'm just saying they always seem to be set in a big city or a well known one...no need to get snippy.

Don't waste money on expensive ipods. Simply think of your favourite tune and hum it. If you want to "switch tracks", think of another song you like and hum that instead, amirite?

I like this:)