Something to ponder... Not only does 11+2=12+1 but 'eleven plus two' is an anagram of 'twelve plus one'. Life's not so exciting when you're a virgin, amirite?
@John_MacTavish 73!?!?!?!?!?

73 is the 21st prime number. 37 is the 12th. 7•3 = 21 and in binary 73 is 1001001 which is a palindrome.

Gay or straight, male or female, you've wanted to just smoosh your face into a big squishy pair of boobs at least once in your life, amirite?

Everybody likes breasts. That's why we have a month for breast cancer but not a month for testicular cancer. Who the hell wants to go around supporting the ugly, hairy sacks that hang between a guy's legs?

If a hipster falls in the street and nobody's around, does it make a sound? It might do, but you've probably never heard it, amirite?

Hipsters don't fall; it's too mainstream.

Let's play scrabble: PESNI. You got spine, right? Like hell, you dirty pervert, amirite?

Round 3: NGGERI

Give up?



( lolwut ) without spaces lolwut smilie

If you could end world hunger by killing five innocent people, you wouldn't do it, amirite?

Some people have to suffer for others to live.

Kill a million, save a billion. Sad, but true.

People are posting too many sixbillionsecret-esque posts that say "You are loved!" and "Everyone is beautiful!". Yeah, you have very good intentions and you are trying to be inspirational and helpful, but there are a ton of other sites for this. amirite?

Its better to write inspirational stuff as graffiti-like take a Stop sign- Before: "STOP"...After: "dont STOP loving". Or something like that, I think it would be more likely to make someones day.

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