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Mabel Pat ,,my wife,, made sure our kids got to the city and seen blacks and once a jew so SMART to make them diversity


a girl once beet me up and I saw a black yesterday

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SHE was a LOOKER too! only a LIBERAL would believe anything a lady says you SIR are SMART

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you SIR are SMART snd didn;t waist money at a UNIVERSITY of ,,highest,, LEARNING haha LIBERS are so WOKE haha YOU have a JOB i am betting not WELFARE right?

Mr PRESIDENT Trump SIR you are a very SMART BILLIONAIRE business MAN. Instead of selling our personal information for one time profit YOU are RENTING it so that you and your famly will enjoy profit for a VERY long time YOU are a BILLIONAIRE and we are not billionaires like you are one

SIR you have much smart and KNOW what each PRESIDENT has without needed TAXES like liberals need them CONSERVATIVES are this an are WAY smarter than liberals who are WOKE ,,not,, so funny of them

Our PRESIDENT is a BILLIONAIRE and very smarter than most. EVERYONE knows that no one can get past a wall. NO ONE. Build a wall and keep out Mecixans and opiym that they grow and cell to YOUR childs. THANK YOU MR TRUMP for saving AMERICA. No one can ever climb a wall!

Mecixans don't have airplanes or boats so a wall will KEEP THEM OUT and they're OPIYM. If they get boats we will BUILT A WALL on the water two!!!!@!@!

Remember How You Voted For Obama Cuz You Believed All The Crap He Said About Obamacare? Hillary Hasn't Promised You Anything - But She Has Promised The World To Wall Street, Big Banks, Foreign Countries and Special Interests

Mr Trump would never hire any bankers, wall street people or special interesting people for his cabinet, LOCK HER UP!

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