It's weird to think that nighttime is the natural state of the universe, and that daytime is only caused by a nearby radiating ball of flame, amirite?
A 70 year old has only spent 46.6 years of their life conscious, amirite?
Cartoons really made it seem like cutting yourself when shaving would happen way more often than it actually does, amirite?

They didn't have the same type of razors that they have today. It was literally a double sided razor blade on a stick. Or a just a plain ole straight razor

No one wants to be smothered like a porkchop. amirite?
@Kionix Why?!!

why do you care your asking for your stomach?

The biggest lie you were told growing up. amirite?

Masterbating will cause u Togo blind

The first sentient being on earth to cross the threshold of our atmosphere into the great unkown of space, was a dog; because man was not brave enough. amirite?

Yep, and we test lipstick on rabbits because there's not a brave enough person on the planet.

sewing is weird. it's just stabbing cloth with smaller cloth until it's clothes. amirite?
Animal actors are the only true method actors, amirite?

Nikocado Avocado is an animal for sure

Accidental children are technically misconceptions, amirite?

Unless it's a boy, then it's a mister conception.

Every Number Base is base 10, amirite?

Time is base 12.

Homosexuality is most likely humanity's natural form of population control. amirite?

I'm pretty sure the goal of all life forms is to replicate as much as possible and take over the universe if given the chance.

Technically humans are immortal, amirite?

"Humans are immortal as long as they possess the properties of an immortal creature, which they do not"

If air has a tint, no human will be able to see the true, untainted color of any object, amirite?
@mihneacuzino2 OP didn't think it through.

what would happen if your eyes were exposed to a vacuum?

People that live in The States love telling each other not to come to their state. amirite?

well yeah. the states suck. i say this as someone born and living in the states.

Even a cardboard box can be used as a smoker for smoking meat, amirite?
@Surfaces Yes, but it's super inefficient. No heat or smoke retention.

Smoke retention comes from damping the air supply/outlet so I do believe that a well sealed cardboard box can retain enough smoke to smoke some ribs