About me.

I'm fifteen, and a girl. I love the theater, and constantly try out for shows. My friends are constantly laughing at the fact that when you open any bag I'm carrying, it has 3 or 4 books in it. Usually big ones, like Harry Potter (which I love by the way. HP FTW!) I also apparently look very innocent, so when I curse, people freak out.

I HATE it when people argue about one book/movie/etc being better than another. It's one thing to calmly compare together, such as "This book has really good __, but this other one has so many __." But to outright say that one is better than another and refuse to hear why others may think differently, that just pisses me off. I rarely get involved in arguments like this (mostly because no one is stupid enough to start one with me specifically), and I only get involved in two instances: they call me stupid for liking something different, or they are extremely uniformed about the other side. And only when they say it to me in person. If it's a post on here, I don't comment much.

I love alternative and Broadway music. Message me with suggestions, or I can suggest some for you.

There is only one sure way you make me so mad I won't even speak to you, and that is when you spoil a book/movie/video game/etc for me. I didn't speak to my brother for weeks after he told me who died in HP6 (I won't say who, in case you've just come out from under whatever rock you've been under if you don't know).

Ok, I've probably bored you enough. Message me if you want! :D

P.S. I used to be wrestling4evr, in case you've ever noticed me randomly popping up out of no where on random posts :)