People who ask random people for smokes are pretty stupid. You never know what that person might give you, amirite?

Yeah, I learned my lesson that time when I asked someone for a smoke and they gave me a weasel and I tried to smoke it and it turned out it was a weasel with weasel disease and so now I'm a weasel.

Imagine if every time anyone made some kind of decision, like what route to take to school, the universe split into different dimensions. One with one route that s/he took, then a bunch of others based on other possible routes. There was a split for each and every little decision made by each person in the world, and there are infinite dimensions in existence now. There could be one where nazism rules, one where we are all just tribes of simple people, and many more, amirite?

One where Jeff loses an arm and Abed becomes evil.

It will be a great day when our schools have all the money they need and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy a new bomber. amirite?

Oh yeah, it'll be a great freaking day when any enemy nation can trounce right into our country and ruthlessly attack our citizens, bomb our buildings, steal our things, and rape our women all because of a cute liberal catchphrase. Get real. Also, there is no significant correlation between education spending and education success. The problem is not a lack of funding. It's a broken system fueled by a government that can't tie its own shoes, and hindered by an out of control teachers' union that has never once considered that maybe education is about students, and not government parasites that call themselves teachers. Not to mention a complete lack of competition among schools, as each school has a monopoly on their district, eliminating the need for real results.

Not to mention that the federal government pays for the military, and has no Constitutional authority to fund education. Which pretty much renders this entire slogan worthless.

I hate political slogans.

If we could ban guns, we would have world peace, just like all that peace we had before guns were invented, amirite?
@World peace will never exist as long as their are humans

The mailman knocked on my door yesterday so i killed him

We have all done something illegal, whether it be as small as jay-walking across a deserted street or as big as mudering your neighbor, amirite?

All of the above. Just kidding. Jaywalking is horrible.

There are several weird mistakes you seem to always make, despite knowing they're wrong. (Ex: I always tend to swap 2's for n's and vice versa when writing) It's as if some connection just went permanently wrong in your brain. amirite?

Since everyone is sharing all the weird thing they do, I think I'll just let everyone know that I'm flawless.

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There is no dignified way of ordering a meal off the kids' menu in a restaurant if you are over 13, amirite?

"If you'll pardon me, I would be much obliged to consume delicacies from the children's menu. My taste buds are quite youthful in nature and sophistication."

@OGH MY GOD, I get it.

This guy's too good for McDonald's; he uses extra letters.

When you find out that a girl has kinda sloppy handwriting, it makes her a little bit cuter for some reason, amirite?

I'm a girl with sloppy handwriting. TELL ME I'M BEAUTIFUL.

Whenever you say "warmth" you can't help but add a silent p, amirite?

I add a silent q. Sometimes a silent k. Whatever I'm in the mood for.

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People not living in America: You have much more of a reason to get ticked off if SOPA passes. Why does the government of one county get to decide something that will hugely impact a lot of other countries? Amirite?
Finding a pencil with a ton of lead in it is like finding a gold mine, amirite?

or a lead mine...

If you're ever intimidated by someone, don't imagine them in their underwear, imagine them running with a back-pack on, amirite?
@Dwight http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apostrophe

No, I assure you. It possesses helpful. Don't you have a helpful?

You would be much more inclined to eat healthy if your stomach spoke. Like if you ate a salad for dinner you would hear, "Thanks buddy! Have a great day!". But if you ate chips and crap, you would constantly be annoyed hearing "WHAT THE HELL? You're such a fatass!". It would be good encouragment, amirite?

People with a high metabolism's stomachs: "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST GIVE ME?! THAT IS SO DISGUSTING YOU-- never mind. It's gone".

"Whoever did the rhyme, did the crime."
Which is why most rappers are black, amirite?

Man, who knew Dr. Seuss was such a G?

Bitch, I ain't want no green eggs and ham.
Move fo' I bust a cap in yo' head, Sam I Am.