@Aimz You're telling someone who is (apparently) three years older than you to go to bed? Wow, someone's got balls, love...

i wouldnt do it in person cus then id have to see you in person, and i dont wanna do that because so far i dont like you very much

@Nonsensical_Wisdoms Excuse me? I'm sorry what? It's your what? OPI-ONION? Ok, that's nice. Someone needs to go rehab. By the way, it...

rehab is for drugs and alcohol stupid. im just sharing my thoughts on this site, im not drinking drugs or alcohol or anything.

and how do you know what 'gays' like? are YOU gey?


count* look whos dumb now (haha)


this isnt school so spelling doesnt count. what does a a baby have to do with this tho??

@Miss_Potter awwwww damn it! it's idiots like you who give us younger teens a bad rep! Stop being so sensitive! if you haven't...

wow first dont call me 'cupcake'. youre not my mom.. and wooow your immature saying gross things like monkey balls...ew.

my first post makes the front page yay!!

huh? tics are little bugs that suck your blood.