About me.

It's been really really really fun the last two years on amirite and it really really really sucks that things have happened and everyone's gone. Last year at this point in time, things were so different and it kills me. YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU SO HARD and I didn't actually think I would be able to care for people that I met on the internet but congratulations you lil cherubs. I feel like if amirite? was put into Skins terms, I'd be in the 2nd generation. And whatever happens next is the 3rd generation. Have fun, kids. (11-3-12)

around the hood they call me Maryjuana

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I live in Texas. One time my friend tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk in the summer but then several ants started to swarm it. Quelle probleme!
Our state fair had fried alligator this year

I like reading catcher in the rye and sleeping and the internet (chat and tumblr yay) and listening to showtunes and watching nbc comedy shows and karen gillan's hair.

catch you on da flippity flip