We tell kids to not take candy from strangers and to avoid them but then we encourage them to get ice cream from a dude in a white van. amirite?

They pay for the ice cream though so it makes it more legit. The candy you get for free though so they're basically teaching kids that nothings truly free and everything comes with a price but without ruining their world view

Statistically one in ever four women you meet is on their period. amirite?
Cuddling is way more wholesome and relaxing than sex, yet no one has "cuddle fantasies", amirite?

I used to have cuddle buddies, sometimes ended up in sex but overall cuddling is good.

There's an entire industry that depends on tax returns being too confusing to file without help. amirite?
People with smaller residencys tend to overcompensate by having too much furniture. People with a larger residency are more minimalist and tend to have less furniture, amirite?

I think it just looks more cramped, also *residencies

Because chihuahuas are so aggressive, but so small, chances are they would hunt in packs in nature, amirite?

So the same thing every other wild K9 spices does? even stray dogs form packs it's just what they do, Chihuahuas included so you are 100% correct

In the future there will be people who have not seen bank notes or coins, amirite?
@stair June*

I meant that there may be people who haven't seen bank notes or coins, not will.

In a good relationship, no one wears the pants. amirite?

In a perfect relationship, everyone wears zip-off convertible pant/shorts

Today marks the day where you can't just look at the year to know if something's expired. amirite?
The brain may have named itself, but it also recognized that it named itself and was surprised when it realized that. amirite?

Different brains did these things, we aren't Unity.

Keeping skeletons in your own closet is a terrible idea. amirite?
January will be next year, next month and next week. amirite?
It's physically impossible to have all 5 fingers touch each other at the same time, amirite?

Noooooo it can't be

Cars and the Cinema are the only places where straws are still useful. amirite?

And if your drink has crushed ice

TYPING IN ALL CAPS WITH A DOT AT THE END. reads a lot louder than lower case with exclamation points!!! amirite?

But they're the same volume in my head!?!?