The symbol "<3" can be a double ice cream cone, amirite?

Or a dude with a fat ass and big dick from sky view.

If you jump off a building you technically get a discount on life. The harder the fall, the greater the discount. amirite?
April is going to make March look good. amirite?
Soon, the last people who have talked to someone who lived in the pre-lightbulb era will vanish, amirite?

The lightbulb was invented in 1802 and commonly used in commercial spaces in 1879. How old is your grandma?

A psychic who could only see as far into the future as 5 minutes would ironically be more useful than one who could see as far as 100 years. amirite?
'Speakeasies' could make a comeback. amirite?

There are quite a few in Seattle. Hidden behind random unassuming doors.

Watching a movie is enjoyable and relaxing, but watching a friend play video games just makes you anxious and want your turn, amirite?

Someone never had a baby sitter with an older kid

Everything we touch in public is probably going to be made out of copper and brass in the next few years because it self-disinfects. The near future is going to look kind of steampunk. amirite?

Whoa.. like the Dwemer in Marrowind.

Millennials may end up being the first generation in over a century to have suffered a recession when entering the job market and then suffer a recession when starting a family. amirite?
the number 69420 appears 69420 times in pie, just not all the numbers have been discovered yet, amirite?

It also appears 69,421 times, so... you win some you lose some

A condom is the solution to all the world problems. A single condoms could have prevent all current and future problems. amirite?

Might need more the just one.

Each and every human being has lived before, just not as humans, as insects and animals, and through recycled energy, we all played some part in the creation of our universe as some crucial member of an ecosystem, amirite?

We are the universe

Are you asking for dick please?

USB drives will be the time capsules of our era. amirite?

They are going to find a lot of porn.

True beauty doesn't exist as we, imperfect humans, decide what is or isn't beautiful, amirite?

I do know kung fu