Two women talking about the Bechdel Test technically pases the bechdel test, amirite?
Anything can be used as a bookmark, amirite?
If cars speedometers read 5-10 over everyone would probably be doing the proper speed limit. amirite?

To my knowledge car speedometers read 3mph ahead of what your actually going

You'd think that if we went to Venus we would have longer life expectancy, but we wouldn't because we would die. amirite?
@Mcgee0 How do you live longer if you're dead? What do you mean?

If we weren't prone to dying due to Venus's conditions then we would technically have higher expectancy because years pass faster.

Someone will eventually run into a problem no one has the answer to, yet. amirite?

If feel like that's already happened countless times

All guns that shoot are "shotguns". amirite?

Or... all guns that have been shot are shotguns

The brain is the most efficient computer, amirite?

That depends entirely on the task at hand. Math? Give me a computer. Analyzing multiple inputs and making quick decisions in a strange environment? Brain wins.

To have children is somehow selfish. amirite?
@Axellllfoley So the human race should cease to exist?

It would definitely be better for the planet. I'm not saying we all kill ourselves. But yea, it's very selfish to think you and future generations deserve to exist at the detriment to every other living thing on earth. Being selfish / self-preservation is part of humanity. It doesn't mean you're a terrible person, it's a part of being a human - we all selfish in many ways in our daily lives.

Everything can be a murder weapon if used right.

Anything can be anything if you're capable enough

Guns are rendered backwards in FPS games. amirite?

I've only ever seen the ejection port on the left side in like 2 games, bad company loved it for some reason

Millennials may end up being the first generation in over a century to have suffered a recession when entering the job market and then suffer a recession when starting a family. amirite?

1990:1991 then 1997 was a down year then 2001/02 —9/11 and 2008/2011 full fubar

It's happen before and will again

If you see someone who's clothes are covered in dog hair then you're near someone who has true love in their life, amirite?
@Darealkyp What if the person is a dog walker or dog groomer

Dog walkers are probably loved by the dogs they walk.

Especially if I get embarrassed or angry.

If I'm driving in cold weather and somebody cuts me off, I can steam up the windows with my anger.

Programmers Just write fancy poems for machines and if they like them, the machines do what is asked of them. amirite?
@Tldfonat It turns out all languages are programming languages. The languages people speak to each other are for the purpose...

Yeah the only difference is, that computers, unlike humans, are definitely going to do what you asked for

If dinosaurs came back, archeologists would go extinct. amirite?

No, all they do isn't dig up dinosaur bones