Whoever is deciding the ratio of the size of a jar of salsa to the size of a bag of tortilla chips is way off. amirite?
@You'd have to buy two packages of hotdogs and three packages of buns for it to even out.

Well, yeah, I was interested in eating hotdogs for ten days in a row, wasn't it? Single guy here so it would make no sense to me to do that.

Adult movies where they pretend to bang their coworkers is actually the actors banging their coworkers. amirite?
@Sewcrazy4cats That's some nice improvised lines she added!

"Aaand cut - that's a wrap! Great improv, Mercedes!"

Preservatives are seen as unhealthy in food, but they have probably helped more people than hurt by keeping people from accidently eating mold and such. amirite?

I dunno, obesity is pretty rough on the system.

If can you be invisible at anytime at will and since light can't reach your eyes, what would you see, amirite?
Even when EVs are the norm, people will probably prefer to use gas pedal over accelerator since it has two fewer syllables. amirite?

Maybe change from gas pedal to GO pedal...

One day people are going to be shocked they actually allowed smoking in society, amirite?

Already am shocked it was ever allowed. Pubs are so much nicer with clean air.

Writing "PLEASE!!!" totally defeats the purpose. amirite?
If can you be invisible at anytime at will and since light can't reach your eyes, what would you see, amirite?
@Shiny244 The absence of light

The absence of light? That's a black hole

People estimate snow depth the same as dudes estimate their dick length. It's always a little more than reality. amirite?

You're supposed to start from the asshole, right?

A guy masterbating is the equivilent of a dog chasing it's tail, it's all good fun until you reach the inevitable conclusion and the reality of the situation settles in, amirite?

Plus at some point, you are holding your tail

Many animals lactate, but it's only considered socially acceptable to drink from a select few. amirite?

Ever tried to drink milk from a sponge? Didn't think so.

If you walk into a KFC and you can smell fish. It's usually not a great sign, amirite?

It means your relatives are dining inside

Having a paper map went from being one of the biggest flexes of power and wealth in ancient civilization for thousands of years. To being something nerdy and irrelevant in the past 20ish years, amirite?
@Tommyfrank A light bulb will blow your mind then!

There wasn't a real progression with that though. It was a torch. Then a lantern. Then electricity.

Chances are if you think you're stupid you are actually smart because stupid people won't have the intellectual power to realise they're stupid. amirite?

For the ones in the back!!...and up front!!!...and to the left!!...oh and right too!!...

When you walk forward in a train, you are faster than the train. amirite?

what if the earths rotation in the opposite direction is faster than the train … then you're slower