The Bible: Pics or it didn't happen, amirite?

I love comment threads that remind me how much I hate people.

You walk into a 4th grade class room and you say to yourself, "God, it's like everybody I've slept with is in here!" Amirite?

No way. It should say preschool D:<

Bisexual - Sticking your hands down someones pants and being happy with whatever you find, amirite?

Are you trying to tell me that all Muslim people don't try and kill people in the name of Allah every day and crash planes into shit?!


Using a confusing analogy is like driving a Jeep over a box of doughnuts, it just doesn’t make sense, amirite?

Are you telling the other passengers?

I'm sure they'd be thrilled to know.

Dinosaurs were invented by the CIA to discourage time travel, amirite?
@Explain why dinosaurs are extinct then. Exactly, you can't do it. This post is sucks, the end.

Dude, calm your mother-lovin granny panties. It's not THAT serious. fft

Being bisexual isn't a choice, it's a privilege. amirite?
@asdijojioiojioxj majority rules

Okay. So I can't marry the man I love- No, scratch that- I can't be WITH the man I love because more people think I'm a whore than don't?

Ignorance never got anyone anywhere in life, honey.

The death penalty: Some argue that it would be greater punishment to make the prisoner wait life out in jail. But who does that really punish? The criminal, or the rest of society? People who spend life in prison don't magically poop out the funding they need to survive, they crowd the prisons, and that's just one more prisoner who has the chance to escape, amirite?

Personally, I don't believe in the death penalty. You make a good point, but It's original intent was to be served as a deterrent to crimes within a country or province. But data has shown that the death penalty almost never deters murders. There is also the other aspect in which it is said that families feel better or 'consoled' when their relatives murderer is killed. But many testimonies state that another killing did no justice to their family member who had passed. But I can't speak for EVERY family.

Also, it's important to note that the death penalty is much more exspensive, because of the law of haebeas corpus and the ability to appeal to higher costs. One execution can cost up to $2 million.

That's just my way of looking at it.

Sometimes you masturbate during thunderstorms so that when you climax right when lightning strikes, it makes you feel like Thor, amirite?

Challenge Accepted

I was born gay, you were taught religion, amirite?
@you were born a vile wretched defect? Go die.

Yah? Well you're also an arrogant, self-loathing twat who should learn to hold his tongue. Go soak your head. No one needs to hear those words.

The only thing that should giggle during sex is boobs and jello, amirite?


At least once you brushed too hard and your gums started bleeding a little, amirite?
@It's called gingivitis

There's a difference between gingivitis and scraping the gum line wrong. Gingivitis is the constant bleeding even under gentle brushing.

Girls can share gum, say "I love you" to each other and sit on each others laps, but if guys do it they get a reputation, amirite?

Ew ew ew. No one needs to be sharing gun. Absolutely no one D:

According to many pictures on facebook a lot of girls must be really proud of their bathrooms. amirite?

Wouldn't it be awesome instead of writing like "Oh I'm so ugly D:5,k34" in the caption, they said