A Roman wouldn't understand why XL is a bigger size than L in clothing. amirite?

Consider their problem when presented with XXL.

It's bigger than XL.

It doesn't exist.

If it did exist, it would be 3X (XXX).

And it's about as pointless as decaf coffee. Now shut up while I drink my non alcoholic beer.

If matter is neither created nor destroyed, then whatever ultimately causes your death must already exist somewhere, perhaps in some scattered form... biding its time. amirite?

Unless like most people you simply die of old age

Drinking water with milk seems gross unless you also add plants, amirite?
@OP is talking about tea

Do people put milk in tea?

The bigger the butt, the louder the fart. Like a tuba. amirite?

Amen, fat butt.

Self checkouts are a magical place where the employees watch the customers work. amirite?

not when every 1 out of the 3 customers start asking you how to work with the machine

Super Bowl ads are the only time ads are acceptable and people actually want to watch them. amirite?
Humans are the most versatile energy conversion machines, amirite?
@Skurlett Yeah but when was the last time a plant rode a bicycle to generate electricity ir a goat rubbed a few sticks...

Never, but eels can generate electricity too and pretty much every creature generates heat.

All pizzas can be cheese pizzas if you're determined enough. amirite?
@Well im pretty sure they'd get some in their mouths

Not my point I meant like black could make them better

Wallpapers are almost exclusively digital now as opposed to a couple decades ago. amirite?

My g-ma has wallpaper

For some reason we built a system where people with sweaty hands get punished by not getting hired. amirite?

Don't tell me that

It's possible that a planet exists where dinosaurs never went extinct and have continued to evolve for millions of years. Maybe there's a dinosaur somewhere wearing a hat. amirite?

We have those here, they have MAGA embroidered on them.

Every male born from the years 2010-2024 is technically an Alpha male. If they are born from 2025-2039, they are a Beta male. amirite?
A burger technically is a sandwich, amirite?

Meat Sandwich!