The story of the Ugly Duckling - teaching kids that if your ugly or weird, you WILL be shunned, since 1843. Amirite?

The story of the ugly barnacle, teaching 21st century kids that if you're SO ugly, everyone dies...

Your opinion on turtles? amirite?
You hate it when you're trying to plagiarize a paper, but you get caught I have erectile dysfunction because the author inserts a stupid phrase to let the teacher know you copied it, amirite?
@J_A_C_K well i searched for the phobia of frogs and i found that so yeah...

It's still pretty epic but I tend not to make fun of people phobias...I'm scared of lady birds o.o

god is real if someone come from the futer,god is not real if no one comes from the futer and we made the time macne also we were first than the futer, amirite?
When I die, I should be cremated, compressed into a diamond, and then passed down as a family heirloom. Imagine the looks on the future generations' faces when they hear, "Son, I want you to have our family's treasure. It's your grandpa." amirite?


Guys: you try to be really nice to girls, but after being stabbed in the back a bunch of times you just think "Whatever. I'm going to be a dick for a while." It may not be nice, but it is true, amirite?
You hate it when people say "totes" instead of totally, and "jelly" instead of jealous, amirite?

I hate it when people say 'You jealous?' when I'm actually just a nice,wobbly dessert.

It's really odd how if you went to the south pole and pointed at a load of penguins going 'Hey, it's pingu!!' it's totally fine, but if you went to China saying 'Hey look, it's Jackie Chan!' it's bad. amirite?
There is nothing wrong with having small boobs, amirite?
I tried sniffing coke, damn ice cubes kept getting up my nose! amirite?
What if Pinnochio's dick worked the same as his nose...amirite?

Maybe with that He could become a 'real man'

If they shut down facebook, people would be roaming the streets in tears , shoving pictures of themselves in other people's faces yelling "DO YOU LIKE THIS?! DO YOU?!", amirite?

I'm making a webcartoon series....I've just found my episode one...Thank you

Not all people are annoying. Some are dead, amirite?

And there's some fine examples of dead AND annoying people. Eg: Edward Cullen

There is nothing wrong with having small boobs, amirite?
@LinksLegionaire They probably have small dicks.

Thoughts like that is what puts me at rest at night