Mine is mild. I only have to wear a brace which I guess is better than surgery.

What I mean is, they would know what cops are looking for to catch a criminal, so they have a better chance at getting away.

That's why you don't follow what they are doing.

my brothers do this all the time. Very annoying,

Only all the time. His girl name was Sonya. I even stuffed his shirt lol.

@Summerstar There are different substitutes for pills, like liquid medicine.

Then you should of put, "pill/liquid medicine." Good post though because I hate putting on sun block. It's a waste of time.

I'd rather put on sun block because i'm deathly afraid of pills.

@Although I must admit she did better than any other Disney singer would do.

I know at least five other Diney stars that would do better than her.

@Who the hell is Debby Ryan?

Search it. Just another Disney actor/actress.