I think all artists have something not quite normal going on in their brain. Why else would we focus specifically on one subject or have unique styles. As artists we see the world differently than others. amirite?

Well, you could argue that about everybody! Everyone sees the world differently based on their experiences and how they respond to those experiences, that's what makes other people so interesting :) Although, I do think a lot of artists have a cool way of showcasing their views through their art.

Everything we do, at some level, is for selfish reasons. We donate money to charity and volunteer because we feel good about ourselves knowing that we helped someone else. Selfishness isn't entirely a bad thing if it's also the reason we do good things, Amirite?

That's measuring completely based on consequence, someone can do something nice without intending to feel good about themselves.

People say life is short and sure, it's relatively short, but it's still the longest thing we'll ever experience. amirite?

What about the rights the baby has to its body? I'm sure if it had the choice it would choose life over death. I can't see how getting stretch marks, gaining weight, stretching out a vagina or affecting your bladder are justification for taking away someone's life and rights.

City Lights, amirite?

You missed the part at the start, like TommyUK1234 said, it's not asking if city lights are more beautiful than start. It's actually asking: if you think city lights are more beautiful than stars, were you made for the city?

Rhianna stole "shine bright like diamonds in the sky" from Anjelah Johnson
You're replaceable in your job and in the majority of your relationships you're replaceable, it's kind of a bleak outlook but it also reminds you to appreciate your status in life and more importantly, it's the truth, amirite?

Thinking that way could also inspire you to have more of an impact on people around you!


So, using your statistic, the 40% of babies who will survive don't deserve the chance?


I think you misunderstand my intentions, I am questioning it because I wanted to see it from your perspective and I can understand your reasoning, I just disagree. Higher up in the comments you said you didn't know when you considered someone to be human and now you do. Our arguments are now basically circling around whether a fetus is a human or not and we're not going to change each other's opinions, so would you like to agree to disagree? I'm happy we had this debate though because I'm hoping we both learned stuff about the other person's side :)


So, if the perfection of artificial incubation is perfected through technology, which makes it so the fetus can be removed and artificially sustained at any time after conception would you still be pro-choice? (I know this has no effect on today and it's hypothetical, I'm really just curious)


Yeah, no problem, it was a valid question :D


Yeah, hopefully it'll happen eventually!

Pro-lifers: the reason you are pro-life has less to do with religion and more to do with the fact that you see aborting a fetus as a moral issue. In your opinion, abortion is murder, amirite?
@Just you wait and see what life brings you, you will likely change your mind. Sex is not a huge commitment. it is...

Woah, woah, woah. I agree that sex isn't a huge commitment in most cases, but that last comment was completely uncalled for. You made baseless accusations and generalizations in order to insult someone to make your argument stronger. Unless you can prove any of those claims all it served was to weaken your argument immensely.

Selfishness in itself is not necessarily a bad trait, amirite?

Often times, it's in your own self interest to help others rather than hurt them. It can gain you an amazing reputation and therefore greater influence, allies to help you out and/or simply make them in debt to you.

It seems when arguing, many people don't really try to see the opposing side's arguments, which results in neither side learning anything. Even if you still disagree with their argument it's always good to understand the reasoning behind it. amirite?

Yep! Well halfly, I think our argument was good on both sides, but I've seen a lot where it has the potential to be good, but neither of them really wants to see the other side, they just want to blindly promote their side.