Give me a list of names that you really like. Names that if you have a kid you would bestow upon him or her. Then say whether or not the meaning of any of them had an effect on your choosing, and also if you crossed any off because of it's meaning.
Why'd you choose your username?

Because I'm not who I say I am.

Feminism isn't just for women's sake. The war on patriarchy is for the good of both sexes and all genders, and to the detriment of no one but jerks.

internalized misogyny

If two people could read minds, and they read each other's mind, they would be reading their own minds, amirite?

I treat them like normal people. Then nobody has any problem. Life goes on.

There's a new drink called the Bin Laden: 2 shots and a splah of water, amirite?

I saw this on amirite. Wait...

Go to Google Translate and type in "Will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty" then translate English to Vietnamese Copy and paste the Vietnamese words and translate Vietnamese back to English, amirite?
@BreakfastFan Go to the Armenian part of Google Translator and type in "stop fucking telling me to do shit on Google translator"...

rotalsnart-elgoog Tihsa լենա ձնի լեմտապ gnikcuf լենցերադաԴ and a swollen tongue?

If you think about it, most people have a really stupid sense of humor. In a movie when someone makes a perverted joke, the main reason we all laugh is because 'heehee, he's talking about sex!' it doesn't make sense why it's so funny if you think about it, amirite?

It's just the taboo of it.

you would kill (yourself) to get a fantastic tan! amirite?

I think its about skin cancer and how tanning causes it.

It's very awkward when you are walking and swinging your arms a little and accidentally smack the butt of the person walking in front of you, amirite?

"accidentally" sure lets go with that...

Red nailpolish/Lipstick is most certainly NOT just for sluts, amirite?

"Gah! What shade is this? Crack Whore Red?" Ahhhh... ARCHER.


Your E-yelling is hurting my earballs.