When a little kid waves at you, you don't wave back because they need to learn that life is full if disappointments and sadness, amirite?
@ARandomPerson D:

LIFE IS FULL OF DISAPPOINTMENT AND SADNESS DIDNT YOU KNOW?! Someone should've prepared you for this...

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What work can one never finish ?

Seems like homework is never ending.

You go nuts when someone refers to Frankenstein's monster as Frankenstein, Amirite?

I don't like, burn down their village or some shit, but I do feel the need to explain the difference to them.

At one point in your childhood, you wanted a fucking dragon as a pet, amirite?

I wanted a dragon, but a fucking dragon sounds more of the type of thing I'm into.

You treat people depending on how attractive they are, amirite?

There once was a duck who was uglier than all of the other ducklings, let's call him Phil. Everyday Phil would swim around the pond and everyday the other ducklings would mock him by shouting, "Bat face! Bat face!" They never included him in their games and Phil was more often than not left alone to gaze at his own hideous reflection on the pond's surface. One day as Phil made his rounds of the pond he spotted an eagle on the horizon. "Eagle!" He thought and "Eagle" he cried to the others as he swam over to the group. But they wouldn't listen. "Phil thinks he sees an eagle" they scoffed, and promptly they went back to their duck games. So Phil pecked them and scratched them and shoved them into the underbrush. And just in time, as the last one tumbled into hiding the eagle's shadow passed over top and away again into the distance. "You bully!" Shouted the others. "If you peck us we'll peck you back!" And Phil let them. Because he knew that he was the hero they deserved, but not the one they needed. Because he was a watchful protector, a silent guardian.

A dark knight.

It's awesome when those message things go perfectly with your username, amirite?

I told this story in another comment, but gosh darnit, I'll do it again: I've been waiting a long time to see "Like a good neighbor, Statefarm is there." I saw it with my old username and it was the whole reason I changed it. I sas in a cup, I was up to no good, I was greeted with a nice "welcome", but never was I there.

One of these days.

if the earth really revolved around the sun, then wouldn't it technically always be daytime? amirite?
@Tim5o Yeah, that's what I was saying to you. Good day, lunatic.

lol look at you, trying to sound smart. Using tough words like "lunatic" doesn't mean shit if I don't know what it means.

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if the earth really revolved around the sun, then wouldn't it technically always be daytime? amirite?
@Tim5o It's Italian, and it's a name. Look him up, idiot.

Then what does it mean in english? Is it Italian for a name like "mike" or something like that?

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Calling suicide "A permanent solution to a temporary problem" doesn't really work as a discourager. I mean, what exactly is wrong with permanent solutions? Surely they're better, amirite?
@Chewbanshee It's a permanent solution to ALL your problems...whether they be temporary or not.

It's like they're selling you the idea.
"Yeah man, go ahead, it's a permanent solution, these problems will literally never come back!"

If a serial killer were to kill you by skinning you alive, and then leather your skin and make it into a pair of curtains, you would prefer your skin-curtains to have a nice floral print on them, rather than just a block colour, amirite?

I'd hope they'd ask for my opinion before they skinned me, and brought paint swatches, I could help them pick a colour.

If you could choose between solving world hunger or receiving 10 million dollars you would pick the 10 million dollars, amirite?
@Simon Fuck world hunger. They should have thought of that before they chose to be born in a third world country.

I hate you ignorant people who say that being hungry is a choice, when there is scientific evidence showing that it is clearly genetic.

You sometimes wonder what P. Sherman's first name was, amirite?
You have no idea what sesame seeds grow into, amirite?

Clearly hamburger buns

If you argue that homosexuality is permissible on the basis that the act is between two consenting adults who cause no harm to others, then you cannot say that incest is immoral or anything short of a healthy alternative lifestyle. No valid analytic argument can be made for the acceptance of one with the rejection of the other. amirite?

My view as always: it's your life so go do whatever the fuck you want with it.

You can name at least three memes. amirite?

I can name over 9000 memes.