About me.

"If you're trying to find me, look torwards the western sky!" -Alfaba from "Wicked"

Hello, I am a girl! I do not exist! My birthday is on February 30th. :)

I really love Boradway but I don't know the "basic knowledge" I should probably know. Oh well!

Clementines and RyeBread are my bestest buddies!!!

Music, family, friends and theatre mean the world to me. Take it away or hurt them in anyway, and I will go all Mama Bear on you. >)

I enjoy Harry Potter and other various books and novels. I love books. I wish to be a writer one day :)

"You are mad, off your head. But let me tell you something- all the best people are." -Alice in Wondereland

I love Johnny Depp <3


January 29, 2012 Sunday- First day and already one of my posts is on the homepage! Thank you!