Sometimes soda can be as addicting as a drug, amirite?

Caffeine is a drug and used in most sodas. There you go.

You hate it when you're being vocal about your opinion and you get called a pretentious and an asshole. amirite?

Everyone has different mindsets and unfortunately sometimes you are the odd one out.

There are arguments over whether or not the death penalty is right, but we don't realize that nature has already been using the death penalty on us for as long as we have been around. Jump off a high cliff to the rocky ground below? That's a crime, according to nature. It's the death penalty for you, amirite?

Nature's playground!

You hate it when you're being vocal about your opinion and you get called a pretentious and an asshole. amirite?

My statement is not an opinion, but a fact.

Relationships and cigarettes are no different. Both will give you a slow, painful death, amirite?

Learn to live in the moment. If the relationship you are in is not working out, resolve the problem(s) or find someone else.

You just said a certain word in your head, amirite?

Starry Rainbow!

You wonder if Facebook might go "down" the same way Myspace did, amirite?

There is an expiration date for everything.

You hate it when you're being vocal about your opinion and you get called a pretentious and an asshole. amirite?

Personally, I do not care much of other people's unkind remarks. Most of the time there is no reason for it and they are doing it for their own selfish needs.

Its depressing knowing that the girl, whom you have been crushing on for a long time, might like somebody else, who probably doesn't like her like the the way you do, amirite?

If you want something, you have to go after it yourself. You can't just sit around waiting for Cupid to show up and shoot arrows around.

Sometimes soda can be as addicting as a drug, amirite?
@Bookworm527 ...Caffeine is scientifically proven to be more addictive than weed.

Marijuana has no physical addictive components. It is all mental.

If you found a winning lottery ticket in the trash, you shouldn't be legally forced to give any of the money to the person who bought it, amirite?
@Number3 Okay, I went and found that article, and I feel personally offended by it. You can't claim that something...

Once you throw something away, it is open to the public. This is why it is completely legal for people to rummage through your trash once you put it out on the street.

Two girls wear the same shirt: “She copied my style!” Two guys wear the same shirt: “BRO!”, amirite?
You can sense when someone is in a room with you, even though you may not see them, amirite?

I sense a disturbance in the sound waves. There is usually always a constant white noise around us. And when someone moves around, although you may not hear their physical body, you will hear a disturbance in the consistency of the sound waves. That's my take on it anyway.

It doesn't make any sense that there's a limit on how cold something can get (-273°C), but not for how hot something can get, amirite?

You can have lot's of heat, even more heat, super heat, mega heat, white heat, a little heat, or no heat. But we don't have anything called cold. We can hit 458 degrees below zero which is no heat, but we cant go any further than that. There is no such thing as cold. Cold is only a word we use to describe the absence of heat. We cannot measure cold. Heat is energy. Cold is not the opposite of heat, just the absence of it.

You think that parents should be allowed to physically discipline their child as long as they are not doing it out of anger, amirite?

Children can be difficult to reason with, but if you are capable of taking the responsibility to have children in the first place, you can take the responsibility to raise them without resorting to physical violence. It not only misses opportunities for "teaching moments", but uses those opportunities to teach violence and disrespect. While Iwas being brought up by my own parents, my mother would spank me when I got into trouble. Because of this, my mother and I have never been too close. I grew up with a great disrespect for her and her methods for discipline. I understand she was doing what she thought was the best way to raise me, but that doesn't change anything. My father never once spanked me, but just talked to me with reason. I'm not saying physical discipline is the direct cause of this, but me and my dad have always had a great relationship. Even as a child I knew it was wrong. Yes this may not be the case for every child, but it is still morally wrong. Spanking is for the lazy/lousy parents who don't know how to discipline their child in a suitable manner. You should just talk with your child as an equal and help them to understand what the problem is.