It doesn't make sense for Brian Griffin to be an Atheist because in earlier episodes God's existance has been proven in their world, amirite?

Brian is also a talking dog...

When you have a plate full of food, you can't have different things touching. You don't want your green beans invading your mashed potatoes. amirite?

We are the Boyz 'N Motion! We give you our devotion!

Valentines Day is so fake. If you love someone, you'll treat them special every day, not just once out of 365 days, amirite?

366. It's a leap year.

When you were older, you used to love playing around with time machines. amirite?

I automatically read it as "When you were younger."

Always be yourself, unless you're that guy. Don't be that guy.
@avonkien and you're that guy?? :D

well I mean, according to my username, YOU would be "that guy"... as my username is, in fact, YouWouldBeThatGuy

Always be yourself, unless you're that guy. Don't be that guy.
there are popular people who seem to be smart, funny, friendly, good at sports, good at music, have 1000+ facebook friends, and have the looks of a model. and then there is you, quite average in almost every way, amirite?

Thanks for reminding me...

It would be sort of cool to be able to cross your eyes the opposite way; instead of looking towards each other, they'd be looking completely away from each other. amirite?

I try to make myself do that all the time... I never can...

Part of you gets excited when you see a really big cardboard box, amirite?

That part being my imaginaaaaation!

Bill O'Reilly trying to "defend" Christmas from the supposed "war on Christmas" by calling Christianity a philosophy instead of a religion is possibly one of the dumbest, most facepalm inducing things you've ever heard, amirite?
@eldorito Didn't he blather on about Obama's war on religion all the time?

Yep. And it is always dumb. But calling Christianity a philosophy instead of a religion? Come on Bill...

It's a wonder Elmer Fudd never thought, "Screw what season it is; I'm having duck AND rabbit for dinner tonight," amirite?

I think you mean, "Scwew what season it is, I'm having duck and wabbit"

Attractive people: it's really obvious when people are attracted to you. And sometimes you wish you could go around without attracting so many people. amirite?
11:11:11 11/11/11 has kind of stolen verterans day's thunder, amirite?

Because Veterans Day had so much thunder to begin with...

Paper, rock and scissors all have their pros and cons, amirite?

I think you mean, "rock, paper, and scissors."

Ok you have to admit even though McDonalds food is unhealthy, their fries are delicous. amirite?

And the chicken mcnuggets. You can't forget about the chicken mcnuggets.