Post Of The Day

+46 Russell Crowe is MUCH hotter now than when he was younger. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 day ago

+2 Medical doctors have way to much power. amirite?

by Some_Management 12 minutes ago

+8 The spicier your culture's food is, the more mindfully you will eat. amirite?

by Anonymous 12 minutes ago

+5 Even though we had a sun and moon for reference still it took us humans a long while to discover wheel, amirite?

by feilshawn 12 minutes ago

+4 Couples in general shouldn't be expected to tell each other everything. amirite?

by Glittering-Cost 12 minutes ago

+7 Technically, since your lower Jaws the hinge and really the only moving parts in the system, you don't actually ever bite down on something, you bite up. amirite?

by Anonymous 50 minutes ago

+6 Constellations are stupid, amirite?

by United_Lunch 50 minutes ago

+9 For a very small moment, you were e^x years old, assuming you are older than 2.718, amirite?

by Inevitable_Green 50 minutes ago

+9 There might be no more good songs to make, amirite?

by kailyn55 50 minutes ago

+12 Going from "genuine friends" to lovers is not a "morally" good way to date. amirite?

by Terrible-Idea 1 hour ago

+12 It's weird to say "she was so gorgeous" when crime cases of women being mu*dered, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago