Post Of The Day

+46 Choosing the term "cis/cishet/cis male" to refer to those formerly referred to as "straight males" impedes social progress. amirite?

by Artistic_Rip_8830 13 hours ago

+1 Living in the tropics is quite nice, amirite?

by Left_Biscotti_4434 4 minutes ago

+5 "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is better than the exorcist. amirite?

by True_Bee 4 minutes ago

+4 We should hope that there is only oblivion after death rather than heaven/hell existing, amirite?

by Anonymous 4 minutes ago

+6 Buring bodies is wildly inappropriate. amirite?

by Anonymous 29 minutes ago

+5 Gatekeeping is a GOOD thing, amirite?

by Anonymous 29 minutes ago

+3 You go to college for personal betterment yet it's an unhealthy environment. amirite?

by Manteansel 29 minutes ago

-1 Brushed-up eyebrows are cringe and gross. amirite?

by Anonymous 29 minutes ago

+16 You can never bite your own teeth, amirite?

by Pitiful-Vegetable 1 hour ago

-10 Someday the last person will use the internet, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago

+14 It's bizarre that social media and internet addiction are still not recognized medical conditions, amirite?

by breitenbergalee 1 hour ago