Post Of The Day

+14 People who can sing annoy me, amirite?

by No_Leading_7929 1 day ago

+21 Military tech is the costliest yet arguably most important rainy day investment. amirite?

by Anonymous 6 minutes ago

+17 Lack of humanities field and abundance of math fields made society more miserable, amirite?

by Extension_Response71 20 minutes ago

+15 People wouldn't care so much about smokers if they didn't just throw their butts to the wind, amirite?

by Anonymous 23 minutes ago

+27 100% of all end times predictions have been wrong. amirite?

by ConfidenceLow1697 25 minutes ago

+20 People who say "don't blame others for the problems in your life" are ignorant and refuse to acknowledge there are people in the world that create problems and misery for others. amirite?

by GapHour7766 26 minutes ago

+23 Youtubers get monetized for their videos but we don't get any money when our personal information is sold, even though AI is greatly increasing its value, amirite?

by Carteroctavia 36 minutes ago

-4 Evolution will eventually make all men suffer from premature ejaculation, amirite?

by SatisfactionOk 59 minutes ago

+4 It's still okay to disparage someone for having narcissistic personality disorder despite other neurodiversities becoming more accepted, amirite?

by BasisMaleficent 1 hour ago

+31 As you travel the road of life, amirite?

by AssistanceScary 1 hour ago

+11 Clicking picture of the food has replaced the blessing, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 hour ago