Drake shouldn't be aloud to use the N-word. He's only half black. amirite?

Is it bad that I thought you were talking about Drake from Drake and Josh for a little bit?

It would be really irritating and annoying if in real life whenever you had a fight or failed a test, that corny music from Full House would start playing, amirite?

But I bet you would stop failing tests.

Harry Potter vs. Twilight has been milked enough. New battle: Stuart Little vs. Of Mice and Men, amirite?

My class noticed that Curley's wife never had a name so we named her Shaniqua. Stupid tart.

You were really sad when Rue from the Hunger Games died...amirite?

I press the three middle fingers of my left hand against my lips and hold them out

Hopefully Mean Girls 2 will be as good as the original, amirite?

& the director was the director of the Naked Brothers Band show on Nick. Possibly the worse show ever.

Whats the point of pubic hair, amirite?

It's to keep bacteria from going in and getting infected.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy, amirite?

Save a broom, ride a seeker.

"Mean Girls 2," with the girls from Camp Rock and Wizards of Waverly Place, is going to bomb, amirite?

& the director of the Naked Brothers Band show that used to be on Nick. It's not worth the tears.

RealWows are better than ShamWows, amirite?

Shampoo is better than realpoo.

I hate two-faced people. It's hard to decide which face to punch first. amirite?

Lord_Voldemort7 FTW :D

The best part of being home alone is that you don't have to talk to anyone, amirite?

*can run around naked and sing loudly.

Whenever you watch tv you can always distictly hear whatever instrument you play. amirite?

"Do you hear the cool bass flute with the half notes in the backround of the song?"
"There's a song playing?!"

It's pretty sad that there are more posts about the fake band Big Time Rush than the actual band Rush, amirite?
@Chapstick Why are they a fake band?

I guess that's more my opinion. I feel like they're only a band because of the tv show and I don't really like them. If you do, it's fine, I probably shouldn't have called them that.

Characters in kid's tv shows shouldn't use the word "sexy", amirite?

And Zoey 101

"You look so pretty without your glasses!" is not actually as big a compliment as people seem to think, amirite?

I especially hate it when people tell me that I look better with my glasses on.