You can't stand the people who decide to have long conversations in the middle of major walkways or entrances. Do you not see the people trying to get around you? Move! amirite?

Or people that stop right at the end of escalators? Really? Are you asking me to violently crash in to you?

@SirCheekyBastard Advocating abstinence to end AIDS?

A lot of people spread AIDS unaware that they have it though. That's the problem with a lot of STIs.

Imagine a sweaty, unkempt beard. Gross right? Now imagine that same hair around someone's naughty bits. That's why everyone should keep it trim down there. amirite?

Pubic hair is actually there to stop infections in and around our private parts... much like we have nose or ear hair to stop pathogens from entering the body... Therefore those that go eau naturale might actually be less "gross". Just a thought.

You don't think Daniel Radcliffe does a great job at playing Harry Potter but you put up with it just cause you want to be able to watch the books instead of reading them, amirite?

How would you know if Daniel Radcliffe is doing a good job at portraying the character of Harry Potter if you haven't read the books... you don't exactly know who the character is then.

When someone sits in your preferred seat on the bus, you are mildly disappointed, and look for the next best seat, amirite?
It's trippy to think that there are all these other colours in the world out there but we can't see them because they're not on our visible spectrum..amirite?
@What if we all see different colors, but we just learned to call in that color. Like I really see red and you see...

I always think this! So trippy! I dont like to think about these things for too long or my brain starts hurting

Sometime you get halfway through a movie and then you realize you don't know the character's names. amirite?

"So I think that main guy kinda has a thing for the blonde chick but he's really engaged to the annoying girl... "

We have the Easter bunny because it would be awkward to bite the head off of a chocolate Jesus, amirite?

Delicious and religious!

Why can't a guy have "Curves" (Or some equivalent word), they can only be "Ripped", "Skinny" or "Fat", amirite?

Guys can be of a solid build without being ripped, skinny or fat.

Or the standard beach with basic waves and the shitty one line seagulls.

reading comments/statuses from when you were younger is the most painful thing in the world, amirite?

Try looking at your Myspace page... cringe factor of 10

It's hard for a sports movie not to have a cliche ending. Whether the team wins or loses, it's going to be a "typical hollywood ending". amirite?
@saxybandgeek They could lose and then the coach could die of cancer and then the star quarterback could get a concussion.

I suppose the star quarterback does become a paraplegic and then die eventually in remember the titans.

It's hard for a sports movie not to have a cliche ending. Whether the team wins or loses, it's going to be a "typical hollywood ending". amirite?
@StarGazer So then maybe they should tie.

Ties in finals usually result in overtime or a sudden death play off situation.

It'd be interesting to have a cartoon television series in which the characters progressively get older rather than staying the same age throughout the entire show. amirite?
@macandcheesemuncher Wasn't there a show called "All Grown Up" where the kids from "Rugrats" were older?

There was. But I was thinking more like progressive. The rugrats went from toddlers to pre teens. I mean the gradual transitioning I think would be interesting.

What if there was a device just like the Pokedex on Pokemon but instead of identifying Pokemon, it identifies the guy/girl you're into. It would be called the chickidex/dudeidex and tell you what they're into/type/abilities/weaknesses/gender. it would be so much easier to determine if the guy is a dick or the girl is a bitch, amirite?

That... that would be so handy.