How do you know something actually exists if you've never seen it? How do you know that everything that has been told to you that you just assume is true isn't really a lie. I have never seen North Dakota, nor do I know anyone from North Dakota, therefore, by this logic, North Dakota does not exist, amirite?

Doubting the truth of a statement does not make it's opposite true. That's some pretty messed up logic.

Even though America is suppose to be the free country, lately it has seemed that Christians are the ones getting the least respect. Not all of us are racists, homophobes, or get in your face convert Christians. It seem like it's a double standared to us when we say we don't support gay marriage. If you have the right to support it, why not have the right to oppose it? amirite?

It is supposed to be a free country, but freedom must obviously have limitations e.g. you are not free to go on a killing rampage. One of these limitations is generally agreed to be that you are not free to unreasonably limit the freedom of others. While professing the belief that homosexuality is wrong does not limit other's freedom per se, many argue that supporting the banning of homosexual marriage does.

The tricky part is the distinction between believing that gay marriage is 'bad' (which you are free to do) and trying to legally ban gay marriage (which many argue you should not be free to do).

What if the world we live in and believe to be real was just a complex and imaginary? What if it was just pixels and binary codes? Maybe our lives are part of a huge computerized program controled by superior beings who have an intellectual level beyond what we humans can ever understand, we could be some experiment they're carrying out and maybe they're the ones or the one some of us call god. As interesting this thought gets, it could explain the seeming perfection of our universe, amirite?

Anything is possible, however most of what is possible isn't very likely.

It's funny how most music today is about how much the guy wants to hook up with you, when all the Beatles wanted to do was hold your hand, amirite?

Obscene songs are nothing new, it's just that only recently have obscenity been recorded and released commercially. Here are a few lines of a song Jelly Roll Morton recorded for the Library of Congress in 1938, in the same style that had been performed for decades:

"Come here you sweet bitch, let me get in your drawers. I'm gonna make you think you're fucking with Santa Claus"

"Tell me baby don't you like the way I grind, If you do let me get a little from behind."

"Throw you legs up like a church steeple, so I can think I'm fucking all the people"

"You're the fuckingest bitch, yeah baby, I've ever met"

It's stupid how gay marriage is known as gay marriage and not just "Marriage". Just because you have lunch doesn't mean you have 'gay lunch'. Just because you park your car doesn't mean you 'gay parked', amirite?

Even if your Bible forbade gay marriage, why should our secular government forbid it as well? That would be like the government making eating pork illegal because it's not kosher. It makes no sense at all.

You're allowed to like something that the person you like dislikes, amirite?

I thought they outlawed that back in '78.

It's stupid how a 91 year old is facing life in prison for murdering people in nazi concentration camps but the people who nuked Japan are fine, amirite?

The difference was probably lost on the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

You know society is messed up that you need permission from your guardian to be able to accept aspirin at school but you are free to decide whether you want to go on the pill or have an abortion without your guardians permission. amirite?

You can ask the baby, not sure you'd get a response.

It would suck to be a pornstar. Knowing that people are masturbating 80% of the time they see you. amirite?

To be a pornstar you have to suck. It's required.

9:11-9:19: the only times when the numbers added together equal the number after the colon. Amirite?


Math sucks, but admit it, it is the most important and beautiful tool to the world, amirite?
@CapedCrusader Science is nothing without math. And math is nothing without science.

Science is nothing without math. And math is still pretty badass without science.

It's stupid how anti-war people hate on soldiers. I understand that you're against the wars, and I happen to agree with you, but you should be angry with the people who started them instead of the people who serve in them, amirite?
@how could you say that? without them the terrorist people could still be bombing us a ton, hundreds of thousands...

You make a good point. I should point out I'm not sure where I actually stand on this issue, but I figure I'll take the anti-soldier option for the purposes of a debate as no one else is likely to.

But to rebut you, you make some pretty bold claims about what could be without our soldiers. I would say that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have done little to prevent attacks like 9/11 from reoccurring. The truly dedicated and well-funded terrorists that attempt these large-scale attacks can simply move to a different country or area and rebuild. I would argue that the best way to stop future terrorist attacks is to increase border security in the short term and reach out to muslim countries in the long term. Of course I have no stats to back up any of this, but neither do you so I guess its not important.

Christianity has some really good points to prove creationism. Humans, the universe, and Earth couldn't have possibly have been made so well-designed by accident, amirite?

Trying to prove the existence of God is a fool's errands. People have been trying to make a logical argument for the existence (or non-existence) of God since before Christ, and we are still no closer. If you want to believe in something beyond the natural world, beyond science, if faith is all you need then good luck to you, but don't pretend that it has any rational basis.

People who are vegetarians because they feel sorry for animals are annoying, but the ones who think it's 'healthier' are worse, amirite?

It's never been scientifically proven that life is valuable, and I have no issues with extinguishing it for a delicious meal.

Ron is probably one of the best 'Best friends' in a book, ever, amirite?

Doesn't he chuck a hissy fit and stop speaking to Harry for extended periods of time about once per book?