It is physically impossible to dig half a hole. amirite?

Unless the hole you dug was already a half dug hole, in which case, you already have half dug a hole, which means you either dug a half hole or half dug a hole without digging half a hole.

We are on the brink of a generation being raised entirely by parents who understand that multiplayer games can't be paused. amirite?
@JoshByer Omg because video games are the most important thing there is! We are also in the brink of a generation of kids who...

Damn dude some games are immersive stories that you can't put down like a good book

Some games are an interactive way to connect with ppl

Some games are a way to wind the day down

Some games are stimulating for the thinkers

Pregnant women are always in touch with their inner child. amirite?

Pedos touch child

You never see child or old zombies in zombie movies, just like 40 yr old zombies. amirite?

You've clearly never watched The Walking Dead.

There must be an inordinate number of tilers named Tyler. amirite?
Myopic people are very smart, they turn down the graphics to improve FPS and then put glasses on to cheat the system, amirite?

Wtf are you talking about

The letter Q is O with an erection, amirite?

If that's what your erection looks like, best you go get checked out bud.... Just to be safe.

The Harry Potter series would have ended pretty quickly if someone brought a gun, amirite?

Hagrid just bent the barrel with his hands

You can tell a lot about someone's character by how fast they cross the street in front of your car when they know you're waiting. amirite?

So old people are all assholes.

Those people not wearing masks are fine becoming unknown murderers. amirite?

It's such a small thing, wearing a mask. It's not perfect, neither is hand washing. But knowing I might reduce the risk is enough for me. We live in a society, choices like these affect others.

Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?
@Shadowslipping Looks like someone jealous of their girlfriend's massive slong

PSA: when women take enough testosterone their clitoris will grow to the size of a tiny slong. Most often bigger than a micro-peen.

Really feels like we're speed-running a repeat of the 20th century. amirite?

I am on board with this

Being a cunt is much more socially acceptable than calling someone a cunt, amirite?

The UK is casually cunting all over the place.

Boobs are human squeaky toys. amirite?
@I have a number of problems with this

I got a lot of problems with you people, now you're gonna hear about it.

One day you will be closer to your death date than to your birthdate and won't know what day. amirite?