Frying bacon makes it less fattening. amirite?

baking bacon makes it less fattening, but bacon is predominately fat so it's never going to "healthy"

Ranch dressing is the diet coke of the salad dressing world, amirite?

It makes a better dip

Refusing to wear a helmet is your brain not considering itself important enough to protect. amirite?

True dat

The greatest barber in the world cannot get the world's greatest haircut. amirite?
@Vic8760 It can easily be 100% the quality, it's the DIFFICULTY that scales up, not necessarily the result

I don't think I can agree with that. I suppose it's possible in a theoretical sense, but the margin for error is so infinitesimally small (your point about difficulty) I'd expect the odds of getting the exact same haircut no matter how you're doing it are too low.

Side note... Are the odds too low or too high? Too high seems like 1 billion to 1, which makes sense, but too low could also mean a low ratio, which would be better odds? 😂

people believe that the illuminati is the most secret society even though it's clearly the most popular one, amirite?
all food is soup to fish, amirite?
Superhero movies teach us that it's okay to kill people, as long as we deem them ‘bad' first. amirite?
Dr Evil must have an enormous penis based on the fact his clone Mini-Me is packing, yet he is only one-eighth his size. amirite?
It's likely that you are the cause of someone else's emotional trauma. amirite?
most children hate going to sleep, but adults and teens can't get enough of it, amirite?

Sleep is an escape from life, and not only is it an escape but it's an entrance to a world fueled by the power of will and intention. For as little as things make sense in the world of dreams, if you wish something hard enough it will become true. And that's a major improvement from the alternative.

Your dick erections in the mornings is body maintenance, your brain is the owner, your heart is the mechanic. amirite?

It's to prevent you from pissing yourself during the night - you get multiple erections across the whole sleep cycle.

All life on Earth is nuclear powered. amirite?

Technically we're all mitochondrial powered, as that is the powerhouse of the cell

Everyone is immortal until proved otherwise. amirite?

Similarly, you could be bullet proof, but you may never know. Not something to test, but a fun concept anyway

You have forgotten something really important and will never remember what. amirite?

No, if it was important you wouldn't forget it unless you have dementia

Mosquitoes are probably the only animal that most people agree its OK to kill in any way necessary, amirite?