About me.

Hey guys, my name is Maia. I'm 20 and live in Australia, although originally from New Zealand :)

I love Harry Potter, The Tomorrow Series and any book with a good, original story line. Although I need to go buy more books cause mine are getting quite boring at the moment.

I like playing sport, but have recently become too unfit. I wanna join an indoor sport centre but I don't wanna go by myself.

Sour worms are the best lollies(:
And McDonalds chicken McBites are amazing.

I once convinced my friend i was born with a tail, that constantly grows back and turns blue cause the circulation gets cut off. And if I don't get it removed in time I will start to turn blue. Her questions went on for hours cause I didn't have the heart to tell her I was joking.
I also once met a guy on amirite? who added me on msn, and once we started talking he wanted me to go on webcam with him to see if he had a normal sized penis.

Don't really have much to say, but feel free to talk to me, I don't bite :P

-Do you speak English?
-Adolf Bumin.
-3 to 5 times a week.
-No, I mean..male/female?
-Yes, male,female and sometimes camels.
-Holy cow!
-Yes, cows, sheep...Animals in general.
-Oh dear,
-No, deer runs too fast.

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