You are almost certainly inhaling the air you just exhaled, amirite?

No you're not, that would kill you.

Apple decided to not include a charger and earpods with latest release. Soon they'll offer you only a thousand dollar screen and you'll have to buy the phone separately. amirite?
You most likely won't find any negative reviews on a parachute, amirite?

1 star review. Parachute didnt open and I died. Would not recommend.

When you are sent to your room as a child, you figure your parents are also ruminating over it. As a parent, you just go right back to watching TV. amirite?
If humans were to die out would there be another primate species rise up to fill our place in millions of years. amirite?
@Fogalien Or some type of monkey. If they figure out how to teach other monkeys stuff

There would most likely be multiple species of monkey that will greatly evolve in a relatively short period of time but they will probably fight to the death till one species remains

At some point, it became not cool to ring someone's doorbell without letting them know first, amirite?

So true. As a kid, I'd get excited when somebody rang the doorbell. Now I get scared.

The person to tell the first joke, was the funniest person alive. amirite?

The second person who tell the joke but louder is funnier

Matrix 4 is only being made to make Keanu Reeves get a haircut and a clean shave, amirite?
@Nickyikky Wait. If John Wick 4 (Keanu Reeves with long hair and a beard) is getting released on the same day as Matrix 4 (the...

What if the Machines saw John Wick and created their own John Wick and told him that Neo killed his dog........

Matrix 4 could be about Neo fighting against John Wick And John Wick 4 could be about John Wick getting revenge on Neo. 2 movies, 1 story.

For every celebrity that dies in a bizarre wanking accident there must be a large hidden amount of ordinary people who meet their end in a masturbating misadventure. amirite?
You most likely won't find any negative reviews on a parachute, amirite?
One day you'll be exactly halfway through your life without ever realizing it, amirite?
Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?

Looks really aren't as important as a solid personality. My best friend is maybe 5/10. He's like 5'5" and hella overweight and without a hair cut, it's hard to tell if he's Hispanic or Asian. Dude still pulls girls like it's nobody's business, because he's just cool to be around. He's not an asshole and makes jokes about himself. Not in that annoying constantly self deprecating way, but just to show he's okay with how he is.

You can sleep in a car, but you can't drive an apartment. Be wise with your spending habits. amirite?

"this is my private domicile and I will not be harassed... betch!"

The smaller is your tøwel, the more likely you are of drying your face using the same part you did on your booty. amirite?

I see no problem here.

Perhaps we can start 2021 in July and hope things will go better for us, amirite?

Alien DLC was leaked in April and hasn't been released yet....